Learn About Gemstones

Before making a purchase knowing the salient features of your gemstone is essential. Amidon Jewelers gives you detailed guide about the various aspects of a gemstone. This handy guide will help you browse for the perfect gemstone jewelry.

Gemstone Color

A gemstone is judged to be of the highest quality by its spotlessness of the hue, the intensity of the tone and color saturation. A gemstone would receive a high value if it is neither too light nor dark and also has few traces of colors in it. Amidon Jewelers offers you some of the highest-quality colored gemstones.

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Gemstone Clarity

Most of the gemstones contain inclusions which are made by tiny fractures. Even the most high quality gemstone has slight inclusions as flawless gemstones are a rarity and very expensive. Amidon Jewelers offers you the best valued gemstones which are lightly to moderately included.

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Gemstone Cut

A high end gemstone cut is the one which shows the even color, reveals fewer inclusions and is able to exhibit the majority of its weight when set in jewelry. Unlike diamonds, there are no specified geometrical cuts for gemstones as the colors vary.

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Gemstone Size

The accurate measure of the gemstone size cannot be evaluated by its carat weight. When a gemstone is set on jewelry, only the above surface can be viewed. So, Amidon Jewelers gives you lists of diameter when viewed from top.

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Gemstone Enhancements

Heat-treatment is given to almost all colored gemstones and the process is called enhancement. Gemstones which are enhancement free and still have the color and clarity are extremely expensive. Enhancements such as heating are accepted by the jewelry industry and Amidon Jewelers.

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Gemstone Care

It is important that you take care of your precious gemstones so that they can become heirlooms. Amidon Jewelers gives you few tips which will help you to maintain the color and clarity of your gemstones.

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