Gemstone Care

Cleaning gemstone jewelry Wipe your gemstone jewelry with a soft cloth to remove the surface dirt. Then soak your jewelry in warm water with light detergent for 20 minutes. Then rub it gently with soft bristle brush and rinse thoroughly. Home ultrasonic cleaners do not suit all kinds of colored gemstones. For example ruby and sapphire are safe to be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners whereas due to it porous nature opals should never be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners. If you use hand lotions and creams then it is always advisable to remove them to prevent dirt accumulation.

Storing Gemstones It is always advisable to store your gemstone jewelry separately wrapped in soft cloth as the hardness of the gemstone can scratch surfaces of other jewelry.

Wearing Gemstone Jewelry If you plan to do heavy duty work then it is always better to remove your gemstone jewelry to avoid damage from harsh blows or chemicals. One needs to take care of the gemstone jewelry so that it can become heirlooms.

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