Gemstone Color

The value of a gemstone is derived from its beautiful color. While choosing gemstone colors check the hue, tone and saturation.

Hue Pure to slight hue of other colors, are the most precious gemstones and Amidon Jewelers offers you the same. Our sapphire range available has ’slightly purplish-blue’ to ’slightly greenish-blue’. Likewise pink sapphires range from ’pink’ to ’slightly purplish-pink’. The details of the gemstone hues are given in the product page.

Tone Tone refers to the intensity of colors which ranges from colorless to black. The tone can be described as ’light’, ’medium-light’, medium-dark ’and ’dark’. Amidon Jewelers offers you the most preferred tones which range from medium-light to medium-dark. The various tones are mentioned in detailed in the product page.

Saturation The degree till which the gemstone is free of brown or gray hues is known as saturation. Vibrant or strong color saturation with little gray or brown hues is the most sought-after gemstone. Usually, the levels of color saturation will not be mentioned in the product details as the gemstones used in our jewelry are hand-picked for their vividness.

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