Gemstone Cut

Gemstones are given cut to enhance the beauty of it colors. Some points needs to be kept in mind while considering cut.

Features to consider A high end gemstone cut is the one which shows even color, reveals fewer inclusions and is able to exhibit the majority of its weight when set in jewelry. Unlike diamonds, there are no specified geometrical cuts for gemstones as the colors vary. Rare gemstones are at times cut for their size rather than color. For example varieties of sapphires and rubies are cut for their weight regardless of the color. Amidon Jewelers offers you only the highest quality hand-picked gemstones.

Gemstone cut While considering cut make sure that all the facets are symmetrical as asymmetrical cut gemstones are of low quality. A well proportioned cut gemstone reflects light uniformly across the surface and has a smooth polish without any scratches. Refer to the pictorial description for clear understanding.

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