Learn About Pearls

Learn About Pearls
Pearls have been valued for more than four thousand years. This guide will help you to understand the various aspects of a pearl. Pearls are obtained from pearl oysters and in every 10,000 oysters one might find a single Pearl. Due to its rarity and high value cultured pearls are mostly available in the jewelry market. Amidon Jewelers offers you a wide array of pearls like Freshwater, Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian. The qualities of pearls are defined below.

Common pearl colors are white, cream, silver, pink, yellow and black. Some overtones can also be found when light is reflected off the pearl surface. A pearl may appear white, but when closely observed it shows a pink overtone.


Luster or shine is created when light is reflected off of a pearl’s nacre. Nacre is made of tiny layers of calcium carbonate crystals that form as a pearl grows. The larger a pearl is, the more nacre and luster it will have.


Round pearls like Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea are rare and of the highest quality. Asymmetrical and non-spherical shaped freshwater pearls are of lower quality, but very fashionable and beautiful. Amidon Jewelers offers you the highest quality pearls in all shapes.

Surface Quality

Spots and bubbles may appear during the layering process in pearl growth, resulting in unsmooth nacre. A pearl with a smooth surface is of very high value. Amidon Jewelers offers you various surface qualities of pearls to suit every pocket.


Pearl sizes depend on its type. Freshwater pearls range in size from 3.0-7.0 mm, Akoya pearls range from 6.0–8.5mm, South Sea and Tahitian pearls can be as large as 13mm.

Akoya pearls are a product of Japanese pearl farms. The quality of this pearl is very high and is commonly used in earrings and necklaces. These pearls are white in color with a pink overtone. As Akoya pearls are of high quality they may be set in 18k gold clasps. Akoya pearls may look similar to Freshwater pearls but when compared closely the difference is visible. These kinds of pearls are smooth, large and round in shape with more luster than Freshwater pearls.
Akoya Pearls
Freshwater pearls possess a high lustrous quality and are available at affordable prices. These pearls are grown inside mollusks that are naturally occurring in bays, lakes and rivers. Generally freshwater pearls come from USA, China and Japan. A single mollusk has the ability to produce fiftypearls. But the most important thing which you should consider is the quality of pearl.
You can find freshwater pearls in a wide variety of natural shades, but white color is the most traditional and classic. And the best part is that the jewelry designed from freshwater pearls can complement any outfit. Today there are many people who love to have freshwater pearls and the reason for its popularity is its natural beauty and lustrous appeal. It is one of most cherished gemstones.
Freshwater Pearls
If you are looking for a perfect piece of jewelry that your special someone can cherish for years to come then south sea pearls are the perfect option for you. These pearls are also known as cultured pearls. These are beautiful jewels that will never lose their shine and luster. South sea pearls are the perfect gift for any occasion. You can find these pearls in different colors and sizes and the best part is that they can complement any outfit. It is also a perfect gift for your bridesmaids so that everyone is completely coordinated.
South sea pearls come from Indonesia, Myanmar and Australia. They come from the pearl mussel or pearl oyster. Generally, the pearl is created when foreign matter enters the shell. It causes an irritation which leads to the development of the pearl. And because of the sensitivity and rarity of this type of oyster cultivation of south sea pearls is very difficult and this makes them expensive.
South Sea Pearls
Tahitian pearls are also known as black pearls and are one of the most unique and exotic gemstones in the market. These pearls are known as black pearls because of their dark color but you can find Tahitian pearl color ranging from silver white to gunmetal grey and many more exotic colors which include peacock, baroque green and chocolate. This exotic pearl was developed by Jean-Marie Dormand in 1961. He is a Frenchmen who is responsible for marine resources in French Polynesia. And after being discovered the demand for this stone is increasing day by day. These pearls are perfect for earrings, pendants and necklaces.
Tahitian pearls come from black-lip oysters which are known as Pinctada Margaritifera. These oysters are very small and are sensitive to the pearl culturing process and this make the pearl costly. If you are looking for a unique and extraordinary gift, then Tahitian cultured pearls are perfect gift.
Tahitian Pearls
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