How to Maintain Pearl Safely Pearls are very elegant and a delicate piece of jewelry and so it should be stored, cleaned and worn with care. Here are a few tips which will help you to maintain your pearl safely:

  • After wearing your pearl jewelry you can wipe each and every pearl of your jewelry with a chamois or you can also use a very soft cloth. You can also use olive oil by using olive oil you can remove all dirt from your pearl.
  • If your pearl is very dirty then you can use pearl cleaners which you will get from your jeweler and always remember that it is safe to use as they will remove the dirt from the holes in the pearls that are used for mounting and stringing. And after cleaning allow them to dry before storing them.
  • If you wear your pearl regularly then allow your jeweler to check the stringing and mounting once or twice in a year and if it is looking too worn then you must replace it.
  • Avoid using ultrasound, bleaches, baking soda, toothbrushes, detergents, steam, ammonia or any other abrasive to clean your pearl.
  • You must never wear your pearl jewelry when you are applying cosmetics which include hair spray and perfume or when you are swimming or taking a shower. You must keep in mind that they do not get wet when you wear them.
  • You should never hang them up and you should store them covered. And keep in mind that polishing and occasional drops of oil with a soft cloth will keep the luster of your pearl new.
  • You must keep pearls separate from other gemstones or precious metals because that may dull or scratch their tender surfaces.
  • The best and perfect way to take care of your pearls is to wear them often and the reason is that the body’s natural oil will keep them lustrous.
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