Lab-Created Diamonds have the same physical, chemical,
and optical properties as earth mined diamonds.
The same skilled cutters that facet earth mined stones
also cut Lab-Created Diamonds.

“They are diamonds.” The only difference is where they come from.

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the benefits more beautiful
superior brilliance
more scintillation
choice of connoisseurs

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Lab-Created diamonds are identical to mined diamonds; sharing the same physical, chemical and optical properties. Both are faceted and polished in the same manner by skilled diamond cutters. The only difference is origin.


Lab-Created diamonds are a commitment to the sustainability of natural systems and our environment, allowing future generations to have the natural resources they need.


The guaranteed origin of a Lab-Created diamond ensures that you have a truly conflict-free diamond.
Eco-conscious Created in a facility with advanced technology, our Lab-Created diamonds have far less direct impact on the environment than mined diamonds.

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Pure origins, rare beauty!

Only .01% of the world's diamonds meet Amidon standards
for pure sourcing and exceptional quality.


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type IIa diamonds
Type IIa diamonds are rare!
Less than 2% of all mined diamonds
can be classfied as Type IIa.

A diamond’s crystal structure is formed from a single element: carbon. Typically
a diamond is 99.95% pure carbon and 0.05% trace elements, or
impurities, that aren’t part of its essential chemistry.

Both Lab-Created and mined diamonds are scientifically classified by “type”.
The “type” is determined by the level and variety of the chemical
impurities present in the diamond crystal.

Type IIa diamonds lack these chemical impuites and they also tend to have fewer inclusions;
making them the purest form of diamond available.

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growing sustainable

“Mined diamonds represent more than 7 times the level of impact as compared to Created diamonds.” —Environmental Impact Assessment, Frost & Sullivan Report (Nov. 2014)

mined diamonds

1000s of acres of soil is moved while mining diamonds 98 squre feet / carat

Created diamonds

No soil movement .076 square feet / carat

mined diamonds

High Air Pollution 2,011 ounces / carat

Created diamonds

Negligible Air Pollution .001 ounces / carat

mined diamonds

Gallons of Water Used 127 gallons / carat

Created diamonds

Water Usage is Lower by a Factor of 7 18 gallons / carat

mined diamonds

High Risk Work Environment 8 days / 100 employees per year

Created diamonds

High Employee Safety Standards 0 days / 100 employees per year

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