Our Values

  • We Guarantee that all of our diamonds are graded consistently with recognized Laboratory Standards
  • We are committed to staff training for both knowledge and skill
  • We subscribe to all major trade journals and expect our staff members to remain current on fashion, industry trends, and information
  • We are committed to working cooperatively to insure that our guests have access to the most knowledgeable staff member to answer their questions or address their concerns
  • We insist that only accurate and complete information be presented to our guests
  • We are honest, direct and straightforward, and we disclose exactly what we are selling.
  • Store associates function as Guest Relationship Managers
  • We are committed to a consistent hiring process for proven skills and characteristics necessary to carry out our mission
  • We are committed to our staff being able to demonstrate proficiency in knowledge guest service and related skills
  • We are committed to selling in a way that insures guest satisfaction and builds relationships
  • We insist that each member of our staff present a successful professional image
  • We insist that each of our staff members demonstrate reliability and accountability on the job
Merchandise standards
  • We insist that every jewelry item that enters our store is verified as adhering to our quality control standards
  • We demonstrate consistency in our quality control processes
  • We display our merchandise so that every piece looks its best in regards to positioning, lighting and cleanliness
  • Committed to responsible product sourcing in compliance with JVC and CBG standards
Merchandise value
  • We are knowledgeable about our products, know our markets and buy wisely
  • As members of the most influential and effective buying collective in the jewelry industry, we offer enhanced value to our guests through vast knowledge, buying power, merchandise selection and legal compliance
  • We take a fair markup for the rarity of our pieces and the services we offer, passing along our purchasing discounts and therefore offer exceptional quality at a fair price
  • We are sensitive to competitive categories and will adjust prices when necessary to offer comparative value
  • We strive to offer differentiated products and welcome the input of our GRM’s and guests
  • We offer jewelry that is beautiful, desirable and wearable
Interpersonal relationships
  • We are committed to a high degree of teamwork in delivering the experience people expect from us
  • We are committed to insuring that every guest has access to all of the resources and knowledge we have available
  • We insist on regular and appropriate communication among our staff
  • We expect each team member to support and encourage every other team member
  • We are committed to weekly store meetings and quarterly company meetings
  • We believe in self actualization through company supported education

Managerial support

  • We believe in an environment that encourages people to tell each other the truth about how they feel while honoring the dignity of the individual
Guest Service Standards
  • We appreciate and honor our guests wishes for privacy and discretion
  • We are committed to greeting our guests uniquely and warmly and making them feel welcome in our store
  • We are committed to appropriate follow up after a sale
  • We are committed to building guest relationships through our Guest Relationship Managers’ genuine curiosity and interest.
  • Provide an experience for our guests in which we listen to both their stated and unstated needs and desires
  • We insist that every guest have access to the best GRM available to serve them and to provide the best provider-guest “fit” possible
  • We enthusiastically take care of each other’s guests and follow through with the service required to do so
  • We deliver when we promise – or earlier – and provide service with a sense of urgency and respect for the guest’s time.
  • We communicate early if something won’t be ready when promised and give accurate updated information. We communicate immediately when something is ready as promised.
  • When taking in repairs we are committed to understanding and advising the guest appropriately
  • We honor guest requests while providing professional advice and optimal solutions for repairs. We perform all services to the best of our ability
  • We collect and store accurate and confidential client data with the interest of building long term relationships

Community Involvement

  • We are committed to supporting causes that are important to members of our company and within our community
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