South Sea Pearls

If you are looking for a perfect piece of jewelry that your lady can cherish for years to come then south sea pearls are the perfect option for you. These pearls are also known as cultured pearls. These are beautiful jewels that will never lose their shine and luster. South sea pearls are the perfect gift for any occasion which you can give to your lady. You can find these pearls in different colors and sizes and the best part is that it can complement any outfit. It is also a perfect gift for bridesmaid so that everyone is completely coordinated.

South sea pearls come from Indonesia, Myanmar and Australia. They come from the pearl mussel or pearl oyster. Generally the pearl is created when foreign matter enters the shell. It causes an irritation which leads to the development of the pearl. And because of the sensitivity and rarity of this type of oyster cultivation of south sea pearls is little difficult and this only makes them expensive.

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