A diamond’s color grade measures the amount of color in the diamond or more accurately, the lack there of. A diamond’s color is measured  by looking at a diamond face down on a white background and putting it next to diamonds that are exactly a D, E, F I, etc…

D-F grades are colorless face up and face down. G-J looks colorless face up and has a little color face down.  Anything J and higher, in natural sunlight, will be very hard to tell the difference. K and so on will start to show a little color face up. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, its just personal preference. Some people like a little color and warmth in their diamonds because it makes them stand out more.

D-F: Absolutely colorless. This is the highest color grade and quite rare.

G-J: Near to colorless. These may appear colorless when mounted in white gold or platinum.

K-M: Diamonds in this category have a visible yellow or brownish tinge. These diamonds are not generally recommended for engagement rings and where large-sized stones are appropriate.

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