Buying a Diamond Shouldn't Hurt

You are not alone. We know what you’re feeling. It’s like being catapulted into the great unknown. You’ve never been here before, and that can be a little bit scary.

Buying an engagement ring can be a whirlwind experience, but by being prepared you can avoid the stress and fear. You only get one chance to get it right.

Being prepared and informed is only half of the picture, the other half is finding the right jeweler, a jeweler that understands the emotional aspects of what you are going through. A jeweler that facilitates your love and your relationship and understands that this time in your life is about a lot more than the 4c’s.

Come into one of our Amidon Jewelers store and see if we are the right store for you.

Be Informed

But by asking the right questions, and finding a trusted expert to help guide your way, you can emerge unscathed, with the perfect ring. We’ve even created a diamond buying cheat sheet that will make it even breezier.

At Amidon Jewelers, we think that choosing an engagement ring should feel a lot like falling in love, not a trip to the dentist. Getting engaged should be one of the most fun and joyous times in your life. The same is true for buying your engagement ring. Are you settling for less? Why?

Don’t make the mistakes other couples in love make when shopping for a diamond.

Where You Buy Your Diamond Matters

So what are the most important things to look for when choosing a place to buy a diamond engagement ring?

  • Working with a team that understands this is a big moment and can help you make it a memory of a lifetime for both of you!
  • Shop at a place that offers an experience that is more about being in love than it is about money.
  • Deal with people who know what they are talking about; someone who will not ignore you and who is willing to educate you on your timeline, on your schedule.
  • Make sure you don’t buy your diamond online. Because every diamond is truly different much like the indivduality of snowflakes, to choose YOUR perfect diamond, you need to be able to see, touch and examine that diamond in person. Having a diamond expert standing by your side, in person, as you choose your diamond and there to answer questions as they arise is invaluable.
  • Some jewelry stores are packed with diamond and jewelry snobs and may not inform you about ways you can maximize your diamond buying budget and get a bigger and more beautiful diamond than you dreamed possible.
  • If you are sending your man in to do this alone, you need a place that understands how to help him to select the ring you have been dreaming about.
  • Shop at a place that offers financing and payment options and is sensitive to your budget.
  • Shop at store that offers an iron clad warranty. After all she will be wearing this for life.

It’s all about HER, don’t forget that! She’s special, and your love for her is special. So of course you want an engagement ring that symbolizes that special, one-in-a-million love. The ring that confirms that you are, indeed, her hero. At Amidon Jewelers you can choose from hundreds of romantic styles of engagement rings. You’re looking for perfection, right? So why not choose your ring from a boutique store like Amidon  Jewelers, where every ring has its own unique style and charm. Try finding that at the big box jewelry stores.

Buying an engagement ring shouldn’t hurt, and we’ve got the experience and expertise to make sure it doesn’t. Come see for yourself at Amidon Jewelers.

It’s the most exciting time of your life. Don’t you want to be dealing with a place that is going to make it memorable for you?

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