Wholesale Diamonds

By: Amidon Jewelers

What are wholesale diamonds? If you have been looking to purchase your diamonds on the internet in hopes of producing something unique through the use of custom settings and loose diamonds, you may have come across this term and wondered exactly what it means. We are going to break down what a wholesale diamond is and help you understand exactly what it is that you are paying for when you purchase your loose diamonds through a wholesale fine gemstone retailer. Learn more about buying Diamonds Learn more about buying Diamonds Wholesale, in its most broad definition, is about the purchase of large quantities of an item that is then charged free of tax. Purchasing an individual loose diamond, even from a wholesale retailer, is not a wholesale purchase. Therefore, it would not be tax free. This is the simplest and easiest way of describing and understanding what happens when you are buying from a wholesale retailer. There is something to be said about buying in bulk, though. If you are looking to buy and resell gemstones, or if you are working on a special diamond encrusted project piece, this might be exactly what you need in order to get the quantity required for your work. In fact, the majority of individuals who buy diamonds wholesale are looking to resell their pieces later on in order to make a profit, which is only possible when buying in bulk and getting those savings. If you are looking to customize a single engagement ring, though, this is not the best route. Wholesale is not synonymous with tax free, and if you confuse the terms you will end up with a lot of money spent on a lot of extra fine gemstones. Since sales are often final or as is, especially when it comes to things purchased through the web, you need to be careful and absolutely certain by the time you hit that ‘buy’ button! If you are looking at wholesale diamonds but what you really want is something more affordable, you are not looking for wholesale diamonds. This is specific to bulk purchases. Talk to your fine jewelry provider or gemstone retailer about exactly what it is you are looking for and define your budget strictly. This will lead you to finding the best price for the quality and size that you are looking for, especially if you are considering any cutting, shaving or modification of the diamond itself.