What's the Most Unusual Way You've Presented a Gift?

What's The Most Unusual Way You've Presented A Gift?

By: Katie

With the holidays approaching I am sure you have been thinking about starting your hunt for the perfect gifts for your loved ones, that is, if you haven’t started already.  If you plan on gifting jewelry this season, I want to share with you some fun tips for gifting that go beyond just a wrapped box and leaving it in a stocking or under the tree

TIP#1:  Ambiguous Wrapping

My first suggestion is to hide it in a completely different package. Think, shoe box, kitchen appliance box, an old shipping box.  You get the idea, anything that isn’t the item’s original box! Fill the box with something cumbersome like packing peanuts, old newspaper or something that will make them work to find it, you could even put the box in a box in a box, making them unwrap each one to get to the actual gift. Get creative, it will be fun to see their surprise when a small shiny something is found!

TIP#2: Get your fur baby involved

Looking to surprise them with a pretty pendant or necklace? Bring your pup over and place a necklace on your pooch so when they greet them it’s a sparkly surprise! Or if they are good at carrying things perhaps a bag with the gift in it and your furry friend can bring it over to them.

TIP#3: Hide and seek

How about taking your gift and leave it in a place that they wouldn’t expect, the limb of the Christmas tree is a nice backdrop for something special, or rest it on a pillow for them to discover. You could also create a riddle and have them try to figure it out the riddle to get the gift.

TIP#4: Present it with your child or children

We all love giving something special and sentimental, and it's fun to get everyone involved. You can always hand the gift to your toddler or child and have the bring it over to them, it's something they wouldn’t expect and it gets everyone involved in the fun.

TIP#5: Take them shopping for a surprise

Sometimes gifting jewelry can be daunting or maybe you’re not sure what they might want. It's clever to get them in the car and take them to a jewelry store to browse and look, sometimes a white lie to get them there helps. Have them think your just shopping around or looking “for someone else” and see what catches their eye. You can either have them select it or keep the idea to come back to and pick up. We have had guests come in and say do you love it? Do you want it? And purchase it right then and there!

No matter how you wrap it and present it, unwrapping something as special as a new treasure to add to their jewelry collection will be a memory for them for years to come.