What to Do With Your Old Jewelry

What To Do With Your Old Jewelry

By: Jessica

So what should you do with old jewelry that you no longer wear? There are a couple of great options. One option is to use the precious metals and gemstones to make something new. Another option is to sell this jewelry to your trusted jeweler. 

Since we are holding our National Rarities Estate Buying Event on March 6th-8th, we are going to talk about how to prepare to sell any jewelry you no longer care for. National Rarities is a trusted estate buyer that we host in our store several times a year. Their team will be on hand to personally assess all your items and present you an offer to sell your jewelry. Check out our website under EVENTS for the full checklist of what they purchase. It’s a fantastic opportunity to speak to an industry expert who purchase jewelry daily and who  will pay you right on the spot!

A lot of people have questions regarding their unwanted jewelry. Like, how do I know I have something of value? Well. The first thing we recommend is looking to see if the jewelry has a stamp on it. Often you will see stamps that tell you what karat the metal is. Sometimes very straightforward and will say something like “14k”. In that case, you know that your item is made of 14kt gold. Sometimes though, you may see a number instead to identify what the karat may be.  Often a stamp can be found on the inside of a  ring.  For bracelets and necklaces you will usually find the stamp on parts of the clasp or even a little tag hanging off the clasp. 

If your piece is marked 925, or SS or Sterling, then it is Silver.  If hallmarked with 585 then that means you have 14kt gold.  A stamp with 750 refers to 18kt. If you have a white metal item and you see Plat, PT900, or PT950 or just 950 your jewelry is made of Platinum. 

Once you identify the type of precious metals you have, you can bring it in for the team from National Rarities to asses. Sometimes a ring or item has been altered so maybe there is no stamp. In that case, bring it in and they can evaluate and test the item to determine what you have.

We often find that our clients use the money the receive for their old jewelry to buy something new that they have had their eye on for quite some time. Amidon also offers a special bonus of 20% for those who choose to spend the money they receive on a new piece of jewelry from our store.

Amidon is proud to offer specialty services, like jewelry restyling and custom design. Because again, ring that maybe your great aunt left you, the setting may not be for you but the diamond or gemstone is amazing. In this instance you can sell National Rarities your setting and we will help you to create the piece of jewelry of your dreams with your diamond or gem. If you can dream it up, we can build it!