Treated Color Diamonds: Beautiful And Affordable Diamond Jewelry With An Attitude

By: Amidon Jewelers

  Loveables diamond rings              lovables black diamond ring   Guess what? Small diamonds are in demand these days, particularly small, treated color diamonds. Smaller diamonds (under .5 carat) are often not graded and therefore less expensive, so treated color diamonds often make an affordable option for gifts, or for yourself. In a tight economy, having an affordable option for trendy diamond jewelry is always welcome.   Treated color diamonds are natural diamonds that undergo a color change through high pressure heat treatment (HPHT), electron  acceleration, irradiation, coating, or similar processes to achieve a  desired color. The result is a permanent color change in the diamond, .  which is then set in some pretty spectacular jewelry.   yellow diamond ring lovablesWhen a diamond undergoes a color treatment, the result is color stable forever. You can find some beautiful pieces of treated diamond jewelry, including these fantastic Lovables color diamond ring, just $249 at Amidon Jewelers.   Amidon's treated color diamond Lovables make a perfect gift for a special lady. Buy one in the color of her birthstone, and she may want to buy more down the road.  Treat yourself toa Loveable or two (or more) and stack them, or wear them individually and color coordinate to your daily outfits.  At this price, anyone can indulge infun and colorful diamond rings without breaking the bank.   Each treated diamond is as beautiful as the fancy color diamonds found in nature, but much less expensive since the latter are very rare (and becoming rarer), which keeps their price tags high. Treated color diamonds can be found in a wide selection of hues like pink, green, gold, yellow, orange, green, black, blue and red.   Also called “enhanced” diamonds, treated diamonds are one way to enjoy some exquisite color diamond jewelry at a price you can afford. There’aquamarine diamond ring lovabless no reason why a treated color diamond ring can’t be presented as an engagement or anniversary ring, if it means giving your girl a ring she’ll love that fits your budget.   By the way, you can also choose a traditional white diamond Loveable ring for classic elegance.   ###