Transcending Boundaries

By: Amidon Jewelers

(the perfect gift of wedding jewelry between friends) When my best friend told me she was engaged to be married, I did not for an instance worry about finding the best maid of honor dress I could find. You see, my best friend Christine and I, Mark, have been friends since third grade. I even introduced her and her soon-to-be husband two years ago at a friend’s Halloween party. There were plenty of double dates – I’ve been married for almost two years – and Todd and I became very good friends. Still, I knew that when the time came for the marriage, I was in an odd position: Todd had his best friends to include, and I looked horrible in a dress. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Unique Jewelry Gifts  at Amidon Jewelers Unique Jewelry Gifts at Amidon Jewelers[/caption] I wanted to find a gift for the two of them that would be something special, so I started by going to where they had chosen their diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding bands. Based on the designs they had, I came up with two pieces of custom design jewelry. Each piece looked the same, but each was also special to them. Like most people, I wasn’t there when they opened their wedding presents. However, they called me out of the blue to see what I was doing for breakfast one day not long after their honeymoon. They had opened my gift and realized it might be the nicest gift of wedding jewelry they ever received. A thank you card wouldn’t be enough. I knew what I gave them, but it was still a little breathtaking to see him wearing the tie tack and her with the brooch, each of them a special custom design jewelry piece I created. The best might actually have been about five minutes into breakfast, after they thanked me for the bridal jewelry but before I could actually order, that Todd pushed me out of the booth and the two of us had a great day really getting to know each other. All because I was smart enough to give a piece (okay, two pieces) of custom design jewelry as a wedding gift.