Time For Pre-Holiday Repairs

By: Amidon Jewelers

      Do you have a box of broken jewelry in your drawer? Has restringing your pearls or getting a broken clasp fixed been on your to-do list for months? Or even years? If it’s been decades, don’t tell us. That’s just too sad.     Anyway, now is the time to repair!     With the holidays coming up, surely you want to have your best jewelry to wear for seasonal celebrations. Whether you need it fixed for an office party or midnight mass,  a sleigh ride or menorah lighting, Amidon can usually fix up your jewelry within one week. Here are a few services we offer:     Ring Sizing   Did you lose weight? Don’t lose your ring! Bring it in to Amidon for resizing. We can also size up if you finger needs a little more room. Remounting Stones   Did a stone fall out of your ring or earrings? No problem. We can securely reattach it in a jiffy. Soon that gem will be flashing again on your finger as you carve the holiday turkey or tofurkey.   Restringing   Loose pearls rattling around in your drawer? Bring them here. We’ll have them back around your neck where they belong. Stone Setting   Maybe you bought some gorgeous stones at a gem show or on your travels. Well, it does no good to hide them in a dark and lonely box, unmounted. We have lots of settings to choose from. Custom Work   Want something really special for yourself or as a gift? Talk to one of our experts and we’ll make custom piece just for you. Nothing beats having a unique piece of jewelry. And we’re happy to help. Soldering   Broken jewelry? We’re experts at soldering here at Amidon. Some people accidentally maim their jewelry with home soldering jobs. Bring it to us and we’ll get it looking like new.     At Amidon, we have very sensitive ears when it comes to jewelry. We can hear your broken gems crying in your drawers. They want to be made whole again. They don’t want to miss the party. Bring them to us and we’ll fix them right up.