The Perfect Practical Joke

By: Amidon Jewelers

(The fine diamond jewelry every friend wants)   One of my good friends from college is getting married this fall, and a few of us decided we should buy her an early gift as a way to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. We already saw the beautiful diamond engagement ring she was wearing and imagined her wedding bands would be equally impressive, so we knew we could never compete when it came to choosing a piece of jewelry for her. That was when one of the other girls suggested we don’t compete at all.   Le Vian Chocolate Diamond Bracelet Le Vian Chocolate Diamond Bracelet We all became friends through four years of college, and before that, many of us had been friends from high school and before. That meant that by this point, we each knew what all of us liked, from movies to music and food to clothing. That, of course, included what we all wore as diamond jewelry. As my soon-to-be-married friend, we knew she liked bracelets and more importantly, we knew she did not like tennis.   We knew that because her fiancé did like it, and was one of the best on campus. The girl who suggested we find a gift that was truly unique realized a diamond tennis bracelet would be perfect. Our friend was good at a lot of things, but tennis was not one of them. Her fiancé, on the other hand, was pretty spectacular, and it had become a bit of a spectator game to watch the two of them play doubles. If it weren’t for him, they would have lost a lot of matches.   This one friend decided a diamond tennis bracelet would both fit her desire for fine diamond jewelry and also point out that maybe tennis wasn’t her best suit. When we gave it to her during a special campus only bridal shower before we left for the summer, she was so blown away by how beautiful it was that she didn’t even get the joke. It was only a week later, as she was emailing us thank you’s, did she mention the tennis connection. Luckily, we were all already invited to the wedding so she couldn’t uninvited us for our perfect practical joke.