The Classic Look Of A Diamond Solitaire

By: Amidon Jewelers

I love my girlfriend very much – that’s why I’m going to propose to her – but shopping for gifts for her can be maddening. She has exceptionally simple tastes and claims that everything, even if it something simple like a scarf, is too much. Granted, once the protesting is over, she wears it and enjoys it, and I’m smart enough not to push it by getting her something garish or ostentatious, but I was starting to get worried about when it came to looking for diamond engagement rings.   Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire A lot of what I was seeing seemed to fall into the “bigger is better” category. They were certainly beautiful rings, and I was surprised by the complexity of designs and different precious metals that were being used, but I knew that none of these would be the right ring for her. It’s one thing to buy a scarf that maybe has too bold a pattern; it’s quite another to propose with a ring that she is never going to be comfortable wearing.   I was talking with my mom about something that was totally unrelated when I caught myself looking at her diamond engagement ring repeatedly. I guess I never really paid attention to it growing up, but now that I could see it, I knew that was the style of the ring that would be perfect. As soon as we were done talking, I raced down to the jewelry store.   I described the ring to the gentleman behind the counter and he took me to a display case full of diamond solitaire engagement rings. Looking at the selection, I could tell that my mother’s had been a square cut diamond on a gold band, but here there were a dozen different cuts of diamond and half as many different precious metals to choose from. Thinking about what other fine jewelry my girlfriend likes to wear, I found the perfect princess cut mounted on sterling silver.   When the proposal came, we were sitting in our favorite park of the local park, overlooking the lake. She said yes, I slipped the ring on her finger, she took a long look at it and then looked at me smiling, and said “Perfect.”