Skipping What The Calendar Says

By: Amidon Jewelers

(How diamond anniversary bands supersede everything)   My wife and I have been married for seventeen years. Now, I’m sure that is the plastic anniversary, or maybe diamond, or possibly major appliance one. In other words, there is most likely a calendar out there that says this year I owe my wife a present made of anything from shooting marbles to stainless steel. I could easily combine those two into a marble that never tarnishes, but I decided to find something even better. I arranged to have diamond anniversary bands as our gift.   Diamond A.Jaffe Anniversary Ring Diamond A.Jaffe Anniversary Ring Seventeen might seem like an odd year to make such a celebratory purchase, and if it were any other couple, I would agree. The thing is, we met when we were that age, even though we didn’t date for another six years. Dating and the engagement took four more years out of our lives, so our seventeenth anniversary would really seem like nothing special…perfect for an out of the blue anniversary gift.   The good thing about choosing anniversary bands is that they do a fantastic job doubling as wedding bands. I went and looked at hundreds of rings that I found myself wishing I had been able to afford back in the day. Thankfully, now I could and I found the perfect design that would not only fit the diamond engagement ring I had first given her, it would also make the perfect companion to the original wedding bands we had exchanged.   She caught me off guard by getting us a vacation back to our original honeymoon spot. This time the trip was for a week at a four star hotel and not three days at a hostel, but she made the purchase because she knew what seventeen met. Which made it that more special when we were out to dinner and I gave her the gift. Those diamond anniversary rings were two of the best things I ever bought in my life. I don’t care what “year” anniversary if was, gift-wise, and judging by my wife’s reaction, neither does she.