Shopping For A Bridal Shower

By: Amidon Jewelers

(Finding Fun Bridal Gifts To Help A Friend Smile.)   It’s kind of funny that for as much as people dream about getting married, when the time actually comes, they stress out like they’re applying for a mortgage and trying to earn their driver’s license at the same time. My cousin is getting married this August and after the bridal shower she had, full of uptight relatives and a barely breathing bride, I knew I had to do something to help her relax in the middle of it all. Fortunately, we live in the same town, so when I found a weekend in June we had off together, I told her not to make plans. Then I called every fun friend I knew.   Whimsical Diamond Arrow Pendant Whimsical Diamond Arrow Pendant The good thing is that even though the two of us aren’t super close, we spent enough time as kids so when there was a gap between parties – and that’s kind of what it was – we still had fun talking about her wedding, the diamond engagement rings her fiancé had looked at and the wedding bands they were settling on. In between old heart to hearts, my friends and I took her out to one fun night spot after another, the only rule being her phone was off limits (I had told her fiancé before that she would be home late, but not to worry).   The night ended at an all-night diner, the six of us having breakfast and coffee and being very thankful we didn’t have to work in the morning. That was when I gave her what I think was the favorite bridal gift of all. It was a simple pendant, just a gold chain and a dolphin, but I remembered from when we were kids and she talked about how beautiful they were. I told her when she opened it that I didn’t expect her to wear it all the time, but rather let it be a reminder about all of the fun parts of who she was in the middle of the stress.   She laughed and put it on immediately, saying she was probably going to need that reminder every day between now and the wedding.