My Daughter’s First Diamonds

By: Amidon Jewelers

My wife and I clash from time to time on how to raise our daughter. Most of the time I defer to her – having been a little girl herself, I figure she has more experience than I do – but when it comes to clothing, makeup and jewelry, I have a hard time not voicing my opinion. Naturally, I think she will always be too young for such things while my wife has to constantly remind me that she is growing up. We had one such discussion leading up to my daughter’s thirteenth birthday regarding jewelry.   Martini Diamond Stud Earrings Martini Diamond Stud Earrings Like most girls, my daughter had her ears pierced when she was young, and has worn a collection of small, safe earrings ever since. She has received a few gifts of jewelry over the years as well. My mother, in particular, seems to be on my wife’s side and has made presents of rings and a gold necklace. Now that she was becoming a teenager, my mother wanted to get her a diamond tennis bracelet. My wife thought it was a great idea but I was not so sure.   Yes, part of me thought that meant she was growing up too fast, but another part of me was practical. My daughter is pretty active both in sports and activities, and I didn’t want her to risk losing the bracelet or having it damaged. I know she would take care of it, but accidents happen and teenagers can be forgetful. I knew that it could be insured, and that if it were damaged, our jeweler could repair it, but I wanted to avoid that necessity.   That was when I convinced two of the four most important women in my life (I have another daughter who is 8) that instead of a bracelet, what if she were to get a pair of diamond earrings as a gift? She is used to wearing earrings, she wouldn’t have to take them off when she played sports, and the chance of her leaving them somewhere were pretty remote. They agreed and the three of us went to the store to find the perfect pair. It’s tough to watch my little girl growing up, but I know she is going to love her first diamonds.