Mark The Milestones: Teen Jewelry

By: Amidon Jewelers

As you watch your children grow, you take photos, make videos and create as many lasting memories as possible. You can easily create memories for those children that they will never forget by marking their milestones with gifts of teen jewelry. Here are just a few ideas:   Teen Jewelry - Initial Pendant Teen Jewelry - Initial Pendant You received her baby ring from your mother on the day she was born. Of course, as an infant, your precious daughter never wore the ring but you have it, still in its box hidden away in your sock drawer. Next week, that “baby” is turning thirteen, which is a huge milestone in her young life. Why not visit your local jeweler and pick out a nice gold chain necklace for her to wear, with the baby ring as a pendant? She's a responsible young lady and would truly appreciate a sentimental piece as her first piece of teen jewelry.   If your son or daughter are nearing the biggest birthday of their lives, their Sweet 16, there are many changes about to happen. Here comes the driver's license and a newfound freedom that you've dreaded for years. But this is a milestone for your children. Mark the memory for them with teen jewelry. Your 16-year old son would certainly appreciate a designer watch that you secretly hope will keep him on time for curfews. And your daughter’s first pair of diamond earrings will have you in her good graces for months!   Those examples are just that…examples. There are many varieties of teen jewelry to choose from that will mark your children's milestones and likely be one of the more precious gifts you give. You don't have to break the bank by buying expensive pieces as there are plenty of choices of perfectly affordable teen jewelry. Many young men appreciate a valuable ID bracelet or plain gold chain bracelet. Many young women will be thrilled by gemstone earrings or the first of many charms for a charm bracelet.   These are your children. You know what they have liked so far in life so be sure to take that into consideration when shopping for teen jewelry. If you son is into music and loves to “bling” it out, he may be game for CZ teen jewelry, a more affordable but valuable substitute for diamonds. Your daughter is active in sports and not likely to fully appreciate the more “dainty” jewelry. Be sure to choose the right teen jewelry for your teen and it's likely they will never forget it.