Make Sure To Get Your Engagement Ring Cleaned This Holiday Season

By: Amidon Jewelers

With the changing of the leaves and many upcoming holidays, many festive events and family gatherings tend to occur. This is a time to put your best foot forward as you travel around visiting friends and family members and meeting new people at these events. Putting your best foot forward means making sure every single detail on your person is perfectly in place - including your diamond jewelry. This is the perfect time for you to get your engagement ring and wedding ring cleaned. You may think your diamond engagement ring looks perfectly fine, but that is because you do not remember how much it is capable of sparkling when it is freshly cleaned and polished! Amidon Jewelers Fancy Diamond Engagement Ring Amidon Jewelers Fancy Diamond Engagement Ring Having your rings cleaned is a must. Most jewelers offer this service free of charge when you purchase such an expensive item from them. Your engagement ring can certainly be classified as an expensive purchase. Besides your wedding ring, it is probably the most important piece of jewelry you will ever own. It is worn on your left ring finger to tell the entire world you are engaged or happily married. Since it probably has at least one diamond in the setting, you would be wise to have it cleaned before that holiday Christmas party or other such special event. If you are recently engaged or married, then your friends and family will certainly want to see your new engagement ring or wedding band! The holiday season is the perfect excuse to get your ring cleaned because you will be showing it off so much. Having your ring cleaned only takes a few minutes, but it will last a while depending on how much you actually wear the ring. The more you wear your engagement ring, the more “crud” it will accumulate, making it appear duller than it should. If you receive any jewelry for Christmas or Hanukkah, you will certainly want to get the rest of your jewelry cleaned because it will not look as shiny next to the new item. As you are out running your holiday errands, make it a point to swing into your local jewelry store to have your engagement ring cleaned. You may even find a lovely Christmas gift for your husband or fiance there! What man would not like a brand new, shiny watch as a gift? Hopefully, it will be on sale, which would further justify the purchase and allow you to mark one more person off from your shopping list.