Let There Be Diamonds!

By: Amidon Jewelers

While many women wait until they meet the man of their dreams and he proposes to wear their first diamond(s), women born in April may have had it different from birth. Fortunate enough to have been born in the month assigned diamonds as their birthstone, April ladies have been able to ask for diamonds at every gift-giving occasion or holiday, simply by asking for a birthstone ring or necklace. Now that we’ve entered April again, all you April ladies can fill your birthday wish lists with diamond studded earrings, bracelets, etc. But if you’re not an April lady… Don’t let that stop you from going diamond shopping yourself! Take your jewelry purchases into your own hands, and deck yourself out in diamonds like the April ladies do! Diamond Rings Diamonds are no longer limited ring-wise to the left-handed engagement ring! Every day new right-handed fashion rings are being introduced to the market, calling out to women everywhere to put a ring on it! Show stoppers like this half carat diamond ring set in white gold will have people noticing your right hand all day and night!       For a simple, yet no less sophisticated diamond ring option, this elegant diamond ring set on a gold heart band will have you feeling like a medieval princess. With a fifth of a carat of diamonds wrapping their way around your finger, the heart flourishes will keep your heart warm and cozy.     Diamond Earrings Don’t forget! Diamonds aren’t only limited to the white variety! Diamonds are available in a wide array of colors, including blue, red, green, black and purple! These blue and white diamond earrings will bring whispers of envy to your ears from their admirers. Set in white gold, nearly a half carat of diamonds will shine brilliantly from your earlobes.     If colored diamonds aren’t quite the look you are looking for, Amidon Jewelers has an extensive collection of white diamond earrings for you to shop from. The Infinity white gold and diamond earrings are, in our opinion, infinitely gorgeous.   Pendants If you loved the Infinity diamond and gold earrings mentioned above, how about picking up another piece in the Infinite collection, the Infinite Diamond Pendant? Two 14K gold strands, one studded with diamonds, wrap around each other to create this stunning piece.   With a half carat total weight in diamonds, you will have your admirers crying tears of jealousy when you wear your new teardrop diamond pendant. Fancy enough for dress-up occasions and simple enough for casual, you will never cry over accessorizing dilemmas again when you add any of these fabulous pieces to your jewelry collection!