Keeping The Family Heirloom Ticking

By: Amidon Jewelers

One of the most enduring symbols of a family that is connected is the family watch, passed down from generation to generation. Even as the world changed, first with the introduction of digital watches and then supplanted almost completely by the clocks that are part of cell phones, people still held on to these family heirlooms. Unfortunately, the biggest challenge often confronted by family members was finding skilled technicians that specialized in watch repair when the watches broke down. It would be disheartening to pass down something that was now just a symbol and not a working watch, but those feelings were tempered by the concerns over who to trust with the watch.   Amidon Jewelers - Put us to the test Amidon Jewelers - Put us to the test   The art of watch repair fell out of flavor as the digital watch revolution was coupled with a shift in society towards more disposable items. When the cost of replacing something became less than the cost of repairing it, there was little incentive for people to learn the trade. Repair shops of all kinds began to close up shop, and those that survived did so by becoming a “Jack of all trades” establishment. It was not uncommon to see a shop that specialized in repairing electronics and appliances also advertising their watch repair services as well.   The trouble with such an establishment is that watches require specific tools and parts to keep working properly. It is easy to imagine that repairing something so small and yet with so many moving parts has almost nothing in common with replacing the belt on a dryer or rebuilding the motor on a vacuum cleaner. The only option left for people was to try and contact the original watch manufacturer and hope that they had somehow survived the collapse of the industry and could perform the work needed. If a person was lucky enough to find the business in question, they would then have to spend several anxious months while the watch was away.   The drive over the last several years towards custom design jewelry has created a new crop of trained professionals proficient in the art of watch repair. Many of them train directly with the companies that created the watch and are equipped with the proper tools. In just a matter of weeks they can restore the watch that has been in the family for generations back to its original glory.