Imaya Silver Jewelry


There’s a coolness to silver jewelry that makes it just seem right for summer.


Whether you’re purchasing silver jewelry for yourself or someone special, the Imaya Collection is as rich and beautiful as the legend  behind it.


Named for Imaya, the Water Goddess who  rules over the Kingdom of the Waves. She holds dominion over moonlight’s play upon the ocean at night. According to ancient legend, Imaya’s smile crystallizes in moonlight, and in very rare instances is brought ashore.


Silver has always been a popular choice for jewelry, and some women wear nothing but silver jewelry. Today, fine jewelry designers produce exquisite silver pieces that are popular not only for their comparatively low cost against gold and platinum, but for its brilliant sheen and wide range of jewelry designs available in silver.


Imaya silver jewelry



The Imaya silver jewelry collection is inspired by the beauty of light dancing on water, and in that inspiration these designs are said to be a reflection of the wearer’s inner beauty. Each design caters to the artistic element of silver, each piece generating  its own “wow” factor; each piece can be worn with jeans and a tee, or dressed up for a night out.


Imaya’s exquisite line of silver ring designs are as individual as the girl who wears them.  With so many unique designs to choose from, at these prices you can afford to have them all!


Imaya rings


Imaya silver jewelry adds sparkle and chic to every girl’s wardrobe.