Glittering Gold

By: Amidon Jewelers

Gold color is back in to the fashion world! Spending many years in the jewelry business, we do not think it disappeared, but this year on the most famous runways, fashion designers and superstar style were shining a graceful line of gold, more than ever before.      Jennifer Lawrence sparks in gold gowns   Status Symbol People to define themselves use gold providing power and control. Gold is a symbol of high standing. The use of gold dates back to prehistoric Egypt when the Egyptians well-thought-out gold to be a representation of the sun and therefore the flawless metal. Gold is associated with wealth, vivacity, sparkle, authority, self-confidence and wisdom. Marco Bicego Gold Ring   Precious Cargo Whether you wear a small symbol made of gold, such as a heart pendant on a chain, or a gold diamond engagement ring, or a bold bangle bracelet or solid necklace, protecting your gold jewelry correctly can help it to last forever. Here are some basic Do’s and Don’ts of caring for gold jewelry.   DO put makeup on before jewelry. Different types of makeups and hair care products can affect the look of your jewelry by staining and dulling the surface. Products like foundation, hair conditioners, hair spray and lotions should be applied with your rings and earrings off. Wash your hands carefully with a mild cleaner, and dry with a clean towel, before sliding your fingers into your amazing gold rings.   DO take off your precious metals when using detergents and cleaners. Removing your jewelry while you are performing housework, or doing laundry, gardening or washing the dishes can help to keep your gold jewelries brilliant lively. The same goes for swimming pools that use chlorine, which can overcast the surface of precious metals, turning the surface dull. Keep your jewelry safe by taking it off before swimming. Amadon Gold Sanded Disc Drop Earrings   DO NOT use bleach or bleach products to clean your jewelry. A tough chemical, bleach can be harsh to your valuable gold jewelry. Instead, rinse the jewelry in warm water; avoid hot water, keep the temperature to tepid. Use special made cleaners from our Amidon Jewelers stores specifically created for jewelry care. Purchase a jewelry polishing cloth to polish your rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and pins. Avoid polishing precious metals with paper towels, which can scratch and damage the surface.   DO NOT forget to inspect frequently your jewelry for damages. Catching an issue early can help to prevent the problem from getting worse and will likely help you to preserve your precious piece of jewelry. Amidon Jewelers has an in-house experienced professional jeweler.