Wow! The celebs looked fabulous at this year’s Academy Awards and their jewelry certainly helped round out their looks. We’re going to feature some of the most amazing looks and show you how Amidon Jewelers can help you acquire the same look, for significantly less, in most cases.


First up, Charlize Theron. This woman never misses a beat when it comes to looking well-coiffed and stunning. Her loaner, Harry Winston diamond drop necklace is reported to be worth $15 Million.

Dainty, simple and affordable at only $79, this triple-ended freshwater drop pearl necklace set in sterling silver will garner the similar fashion awe, but without the debit to your pocket-book.


Another statement was made by Anna Kendrick, with her diamond cocktail ring and bright red clutch.


Another affordable option from Amidon Jewelers is this sterling silver, antique fashioned diamond ring for only $129 with .05 total carat weight in diamonds.


Jessica Biel, whose birthday is in March, donned her birthstone in beautiful emerald-cut aquamarine drop earrings designed by Tiffany & Co. worth $45,000.


Amidon Jewelers has some splendid diamond earrings in white gold for a mere $1,199.00.

Penelope Cruz was another stunner walking down the red carpet with a lovely up-do with chandelier drop earrings to make a beautiful, uncluttered statement of elegance.


These triple-drop, freshwater pearl earrings are pretty with a simplistic and timeless look that will really set off any neckline, especially when wearing an up-do hairstyle.


Viola Davis walked down the red carpet in an amazing green gown wearing a crystal, contemporary, cuff for her fashion statement that evening.


Sara Blaine is an emerging artist who eleven years ago started her own business of luxury designer jewelry. She is a pro at selecting semi-precious gems and designing creations that are handcrafted by Bali artisans. Stop in and see what designs Amidon Jewelers has available, here are some examples of her collections.


Anne Hathaway’s dress may be debatable on whether it ranked in the category of ‘stunning’ as it looks like someone got a little carried away with their ‘As-Seen-On-TV’ BeDazzler gun, but one thing is for sure, her diamond bracelets are classics; Neil Lane, 100 total carat weight, diamond and platinum baubles for a cool $1Mill.


Amidon Jewelers offers many of their bracelets in yellow, white and two-tone gold, you just need to call us to check availability. For example, there is this stunning in-line tennis bracelet for a pithy, by comparison to Anne’s wrist decor, $4,700.


Check out all of our elite designers here or stop by Amidon Jewelers here and see how we can help you turn your jewelry box into a treasure chest of goodies that will turn all your outfits into finished masterpieces. One of our TAX-FREE New Hampshire’s premier jewelers.