Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring

By: Amidon Jewelers

There’s an old joke that says men should never buy clothes for their wives or girlfriends because they will never buy the right thing. If that’s true for clothing, then I think it’s probably ten times as true when it comes to diamond engagement rings. Not only because most men don’t know the size of the ring they should be buying, but because they don’t really know the first thing about diamond rings at all, or diamonds in general. I know I sure didn’t. Phantom 105 Diamond Engagement Ring Phantom 105 Diamond Engagement Ring   I remember looking at a few different websites, seeing all of these diamond engagement rings and wedding bands that had different prices and different names but all looked almost the same to me. That was when I knew I couldn’t treat this like I was just shopping for a new television or computer. This was something highly personal that I realized I had a lot of questions about. And if I didn’t want to look like a fool when I proposed, I would have to go to the experts.   At my local jewelry store, I was surprised to find that the people working there were more than just sales people. Many of them have been trained at professional institutes across the country so they could speak knowledgeably about diamonds. The person I met with was so nice and willing to help me that when I told them of my experience online, she had me pick out three rings from the case that looked similar to me but all had different prices.   She pulled them out and started to explain to me the different levels of grading they have when it comes to the color, clarity and cut of the diamond. These grades determine how much a diamond is worth. Some of the differences are so slight that unless you are trained to look for them or have the right tools, you may never be able to notice them.   She probably spent a half an hour with me, and at no point did she pressure me to make a purchase. She knew how important the decision was for me and she wanted to be sure I made the right decision. That’s why I felt confident going back the next week and finding the perfect diamond engagement ring for my girlfriend.