Fall 2012 Jewelry Trends: Color, Romance, And Earthly Connections

By: Amidon Jewelers

Gurhan Jewelry With Labor Day just a week away, what better time to consider the fall jewelry trends we have to look forward to? Of course, September  is the month of the sapphire – the exquisite blue gem that is the symbol of loyalty, love and longing. Perhaps for this reason more and more brides are incorporating sapphires into their diamond engagement and wedding rings; or maybe it’s because they’re just so beautiful.   Sapphires come in a range of colors besides the traditional blue, but it is the blue sapphire that most people connect with. In ancient times, it was believed that the earth was contained within a massive blue sapphire dome; today, it represents beauty and luxury in fine jewelry, making it a perfect gift for the September birthday girl.sapphire ring   With the sapphire’s earthly connection in mind, fall jewelry trends include colors associated in nature, including citrine and emerald greens, silvery-blue topaz, the deep purple of amethyst and fiery reds of rubies.   This fall, romantic jewelry designs will take center stage, and that includes intricate gold and diamond accents that bring an unexpected thrill to new jewelry designs. Soft, muted designs in gold and silver have never been more prominent, with designers incorporating a fall color palette of traditional browns, oranges and yellows into textured jewelry including rings and bracelets.    silver and brown diamond earrings    silver and garnet earrings    amythest pendant sara blaine   Sara Blaine bracelet   Look for jewelry designs with brown diamonds, garnets, topaz and blends of gold and silver this fall, as some of the world's most talented jewelry designers take their craft to new levels with color and texture, pushing the envelope to create visually impactful, wearable art with unexpected details. Small and delicate as well as big and bold designs are on call for fall, and layering is encouraged.   Crosses are backCross pendants Lois Hill, and this fall we see crosses in all sizes and precious metals. Big, bold silver and white gold, with or without chunky gemstones make for great layering or solo accent looks.   Designer Lois Hill reaches back through time to create these sterling silver cross pendants that combine  her trademark granulation and filigree, inspired by wire work from contemporary Scandinavian filigree. She adds tiny granules of sterling silver, incorporating her own unique interpretation of granulation, which dates back to 3000 BC.  Hand weaving of sterling, combined with other unique techniques in non-traditional ways, Hill creates signature collections rich in texture and detail.   Fall is a spectacular time for fashion accessorizing. This year's fall jewelry trends are more exciting than ever, with bold looks combined with vibrant colors borrowed from nature, and plenty of unexpected details to keep us happy as the days get shorter and the temperatures begin to dip.   ###