Diamond Engagement Rings: The Ultimate In Romance

By: Amidon Jewelers

You've dated for a while. Even when you're not with her, your thoughts are of her. You know in your heart of hearts that she is the one with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, have a family and make a good life together. The proposal will be simple but finding the right diamond engagement ring is a challenge. She is very creative, funny and one of the most unique women you have ever known. The ring needs to reflect her style while showing just how you feel about her at the same time. You know finding the perfect diamond engagement ring won't be easy.   Gabriel and Co. Diamond Engagement Rings Gabriel and Co. Diamond Engagement Rings First things first, you don't want a ring that is just like the engagement ring that everyone else wears so it is wise to steer clear of cookie cutter jewelry stores like those you find in every shopping mall across the country. A family owned and operated jewelry store is far more likely to have the creative designs of diamond engagement rings that will more appropriately fit her style. Not to mention, many smaller, non-chain jewelry stores are capable of creating a design specifically for you through custom design jewelry.   Believe it or not, custom designed diamond engagements rings are far more affordable than you might think. The technology used by modern jewelers today make the creation of unique and one-of-a-kind rings an option worth considering. If you choose to create a special ring just for her, there are few limitations to the style and look you can create. Diamond engagements rings designed following classic styles can still be quite unique by using a variety of precious metals or mixing in some colored diamonds to match her own individuality.   It's very trendy these days to use colored diamonds as a focal point of your diamond engagement ring featuring her favorite color. Chocolate or black diamonds are a very popular stone used in custom designed engagement rings with a scattering of clear or white diamonds giving that extra little sparkle. You can choose nearly any color of the spectrum for your diamond engagement ring and accent the colored diamonds with the precious metal of your choice. Custom designed diamond engagement rings offer a plethora of options to create the ideal ring that is sure to take her breath away as you go to your knee and open your heart to her.