Diamond Engagement Rings For A Lifetime

By: Amidon Jewelers

Each and every day, beautiful, loving couples all around the globe become engaged. It is a joyous time in the lives of the young lovers and begins a new phase of life together. Beginning that life as one is the biggest step most people take and it is wise to go into it with your eyes wide open. Often young men will make the mistake of thinking the diamond engagement ring has to put him deeply in debt to be good enough for the woman he loves. That is generally not necessary. If you can follow a few simple suggestions, buying the perfect diamond engagement ring can be easy and virtually painless.   Gabriel and Co Diamond Engagement Rings Gabriel and Co Diamond Engagement Rings It's likely that most lovestruck young men have a very limited knowledge of jewelry. It's important to learn just a few basics about diamonds and diamond engagement rings to insure the purchase is of the value paid.   First, and most importantly, knowing the fashion style of the bride-to-be will help define the style of diamond engagement ring that will best suit her personal flair. There are hundreds of styles to choose from and to the uneducated consumer, it can be overwhelming. While jewelers are trained to help ease the tension of buying diamond engagement rings, they are void of the ability to match the bride's personal style. Once a groom has determined the style of engagement ring that will best complement his lover’s fashion, then it's always a good idea to know something about diamonds themselves.   There are four C's that define the value of a diamond. The first is Color. Diamonds vary from the most valuable white or clear to every color of the rainbow.  Tradition in wedding jewelry is white or clear diamonds but if the betrothed woman has colorful tastes, colored diamonds might do nicely. The next C of diamonds is Clarity. This refers to the flaws and inclusions within the diamond. Most of the time these flaws are not visible to the human eye but directly affect the value of the stone. Cut is the most commonly misunderstood C. It is NOT the shape of the diamond but the cut of the facets or angles of the stone. This is what gives the diamond its sparkle. The fourth C is the most commonly understood. It is the weight of the stone. All of the C's directly affect the value of the stone and should be documented by the jeweler. If there is no certification on the diamond engagement ring, move on.