Designing The Perfect Diamond Gift

By: Amidon Jewelers

My wife’s birthday is March 25th. Probably the best thing about it happening when it does, besides the fact that it gives us an extra reason to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring, is that is gives me exactly three months to make up for what I didn’t give her on Christmas. Usually I do well, and what diamond jewelry she doesn’t get in December, I can always make up for on Valentine’s Day, but her birthday gives me one last chance to give her the perfect gift.   diamond Halo Pendant diamond Halo Pendant Make no doubt about it…my wife is always perfectly happy with whatever I give her. If anything, it’s me who spends the next few days pestering her, asking her how happy she was, and if there was something else that would have made her happier. Half the time, I think she just makes something up so I’ll stop being a pain, but she’s smart enough to know that whatever she says will probably show up in a box at the end of March.   This year, she said that as beautiful as the diamond jewelry was that I bought her, she always imagined having a piece of jewelry designed just for her. Turns out she did enough research on her own to know that custom design jewelry was not only easier to do than ever before, but also more affordable than it had ever been. She gave me enough hints so that when I met with the artisan at the local jewelry store, she and I could come up with a stunning unique diamond pendant that was exactly the style of jewelry that my wife wanted.   It isn’t just pendants than they create, either. The artisan was telling me in the last year she has helped people design diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, even bracelets and necklaces. Technology has made the process of custom design jewelry so efficient that as long as a person has just a few weeks, almost anything they can imagine can be theirs for just about the same price as a traditional piece of diamond jewelry. I’ll find out soon enough if it is the perfect gift, and if it’s not, I’m not worried. Our anniversary is in June.