Deciding On The Right Diamond Engagement Rings

By: Amidon Jewelers

I’m going to let you in on something that probably isn’t much of a secret: reading a woman’s mind can be a bit tricky. The problem is that sometimes it can be difficult to find out what exactly they’re looking for. Take a night out for dinner, for instance. If you don’t ask too many questions, you’ll end up going to the wrong place and she’ll be unhappy. If you ask too many questions, however, she’ll accuse you of not paying attention. It can be a no-win situation. There is one time when the more questions you ask, the better off you are going to be, and that’s when it comes to shopping for diamond engagement rings.   Diamond Engagement Rings Diamond Engagement Rings   Think of it this way: you have probably always dreamed about that one special car…the one you have wanted all your life and hoped that someday you’d be able to drive it. That’s what the diamond engagement ring is like to your girlfriend. She knows exactly what she wants it to look like, the cut of the diamond, the type of precious metal that is used, and even the style of wedding bands that go along with the diamond engagement rings perfectly, both for you and her. This isn’t a situation you want to mess up. Odds are you’re probably already nervous enough. I mean, you probably have a strong idea she’s going to say yes (otherwise you wouldn’t be asking the question) but still, you’re human. Nerves are going to be there. No reason to make them any worse.   Take the time to find out what she’s looking for. The next time you’re strolling downtown, be sure to “accidentally” walk by her favorite jewelry store so you can see the type of diamond engagement rings she is interested in. You don’t have to buy it right then and there while she’s with you, but now you will have an idea for when you go back. The surprise of the proposal should come from the when, where and how you ask the question. The surprise definitely should not be the what. Make sure you select from the diamond engagement rings that she has always wanted to see you, and only you, slip on her finger.