December Is Proposal Month

By: Amidon Jewelers

  Everybody has heard of June brides. But what’s the most popular month to get engaged? December!   Yes, gentlemen, the month of Christmas trees, cocoa and carols is also the month to get up your nerve, get out your wallet, and buy the ring of her dreams. A diamond ring from Amidon is the one thing that will outshine the Christmas lights.             Here are a few tips for proposing:  
  • Getting down on one knee to propose is still in style.
  • Pick a place that has special meaning to you as a couple to propose. Maybe the little restaurant you went to on a fabulous first date, or the neighborhood park you’ve walked through hand in hand together so many times.
  • The ring is more important than the place you propose. So don’t blow your budget on the setup and skimp on the diamond. Remember, she’ll be wearing it for the rest of her life.
  • Don’t go for a techy proposal unless your girlfriend is a tech type. If she is, perhaps that YouTube proposal or link to your proposal website is a good idea.
  • Set yourself up for success, not stress. Fussy proposals that involve making her be in a certain place at a certain time, or hiding the ring in food that she might throw away or choke on, can easily go awry.
  • Get personal. This is a moment she’ll remember all her life. The two of you together is what it’s all about. Even though public spectacles have become a popular proposal theme, only choose one if she’s a woman who really likes an audience.
       And a few special holiday ideas:  
  • A beautiful ring in a box at the bottom of her Christmas stocking
  • A ring incorporated into a Christmas tree ornament
  • A proposal by a roaring fire with champagne, hot cocoa, or her favorite libation
  • A proposal in the snow
  • A proposal in the warm place you’ve gone to escape the snow
  • Telling her that next Christmas – and every Christmas following that – you want to be her husband