Celeb Engagement News, 2014

By: Amidon Jewelers

Ha-cha-cha! Amidon Jewelers has some great, upcoming celebrity wedding-bell news for you. January and February saw a new swell of celebrity engagements and that included a wide variety of engagement ring tastes; traditional solitaire, intimate custom designs, even ultra-traditional. Here are the top three examples.   First up, we bring you the announcement of Christina Aguilera's engagement to her beau, Matthew Rutler. The two met while she was filming Burlesque where he was a production assistant.   According to a source, Rutler has been designing the ring for nearly a year, inspired by pieces he knew Aguilera already adored, and incorporated those designs into one uniform look for her engagement ring. He also carefully chose each stone designing the setting to represent their relationship over the past three years and the expectation of their future together.   Everything about the ring is symbolic, from the design of the band/setting around the diamonds that you can see, representing their journey together, to the special features you cannot see, such as the hidden, multi-colored gemstones that are designed to be in contact with Christina's skin as she believes the stones will enhance aspects in her life, such as love, protection and healing.  

  Amidon's selection is wide ranging, along with our Diamond Education section which will help you understand what you need to know about diamonds, our highly trained staff will show you the differences available. Not only can you shop for a loose diamond from our site we also have different settings and gold-types to choose from when customizing your ring selection.   In second, happiness has finally found the twice rejected Bachelor contestant, Kacie Boguskie. Kacie B. announced her engagement to boyfriend, music producer, Rusty Gaston via Twitter and Imgur. Rusty also worked with a designer to create a ring for his bride-to-be and Kacie tweeted how blessed she was to be marrying her best friend, that her ring was beautiful and she couldn't wait to see the band.  

  Amidon has numerous diamond solitaires to choose from. Proposing with the solitaire allows for the proposer to have that special ring that is expected, but also comes with the value that the couple can later return to find a setting that best fits their personality, or simply pick out a band and leave the solitaire as is. This makes the classic diamond solitaire a very versatile purchase.   If you really want a big bang for your buck then look to Phantom 105 Diamond. These diamonds are specially cut with a trade marked, proprietary tooling equipment that make the diamond have the most luster, scintillation and light reflection possible. The results, besides just being stunning, is a diamond that appears bigger than its contemporary 58-facet brilliant round diamond.   In the event that is still out of your price range ask one of our specialists about our diamond enhancement process. Amidon Jewelers is the exclusive Yehuda Diamond Dealer in the area, offering a great value option to our guests. The Yehuda Process gives you an average 30% PRICE ADVANTAGE.  

Last but not least, hopefully third time's a charm for The Princess Bride, Robin Wright.  The current House of Cards actress stepped out at the Golden Globes in January with her fiance', actor, Ben Foster. Ben and her met while filming Rampart together in 2012 and Ben is currently gearing up to promote his most recent work portraying Lance Armstrong.   Robin first displayed her engagement ring at the Diane Furstenburg's 'Journey of a Dress' event, her ring this time around is a simple gold design, and appears devoid of gems.  

This is a great example of breaking with tradition and Amidon Jewelers is here to help with our custom design services. But, if the above designs didn't get your creative juices flowing, take a look at just some of these rings, all from top designers, that Amidon Jewelers is proud to carry; Gabriel & Co., MaeVona, Sholdt, A. Jaffe and Alishan.  

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