Can You Tell the Difference

Can You Tell The Difference

By: Jessica

As we continue this month’s conversation about lab grown diamonds
we hope that we have provided you all the information you need to
understand these beautiful gems and be better prepared to shop for
them if you would like. This information should help you make more
informed choices when you are shopping for an engagement ring, that
special anniversary gift, a birthday, or that really important
occasion that calls for something timeless and sparkly. Or, just
because you want one of these amazing diamonds for yourself!

The question I get often is, can you tell the difference between an
earth grown and a lab grown diamond? And the answer is a simple “No”.
But don’t take my word for it, I invite you to come in and compare an
earth grown diamond to a lab grown diamond.  I often say jewelry is
like clothing, you need to come in and try it on. A picture can only
do so much, and this is a perfect example. I can talk about the
comparison between lab grown and earth grown diamonds for hours but
seeing is believing. So come in and see!

As we discussed in our previous blogs, lab grown diamonds have the
same chemical, physical and optical properties as a mined diamond. The
only difference is how they are grown. It’s impossible to tell the
difference, except for when it's time to purchase it! With lab grown
diamond jewelry you get to buy something that is beautiful and save
while doing it. So, stop into our showroom and check out our beautiful
selection of lab grown diamonds. The holidays are almost upon us, and
wouldn’t you love to give a beautiful (and affordable) gift featuring
a lab grown diamond!