Buying Bridal Jewelry By The Set

By: Amidon Jewelers

Anyone who has seen my wardrobe knows that I don’t have too much of a fashion sense. I know that you’re supposed to buy and wear things that match; I just don’t seem to do a very good job of that. I also knew that I couldn’t make that mistake when it came to buying my girlfriend her diamond engagement ring. That ring, as special as it may be, is just one of what was going to end up being a three ring set. As such, I wanted to make sure that it would match both of our wedding bands. That was why I went shopping for a set of bridal jewelry.   Bridal Sets at Amidon Jewelers Bridal Sets at Amidon Jewelers If you haven’t been shopping for diamond engagement rings in a while – and let’s face it, unless you’re in a serious, committed relationship, why would you be? – you’d be surprised by the wide range of styles that are out there. The traditional diamond solitaire look is still popular, with a variety of different precious metals to choose from, but they only represent a small fraction of the rings that are available. That was why I knew I needed to buy all the rings as a set.   My fiancé doesn’t have elaborate or expensive tastes, but she also isn’t someone who prefers the simple look of a traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring. If she did, if that had been the look she preferred, then it would have been easy to go back at a later date and select two basic wedding bands that would match perfectly fine. What I didn’t want to do was find the perfect diamond engagement ring that would fit her dreams, only to go back to the jewelry store a few months later and not be able to find wedding bands that match.   By buying the bridal set of rings all at once, I was able to make sure the three rings we would be wearing would look complete. Just as importantly, because I purchased all three rings as a set at the same time, I was able to get a special price. I actually managed to save enough that I had money left over to buy my future mother-in-law something nice as well. I told you I was smart.