Bet You Didn't Know This About Citrine ...

Bet You Didn't Know This About Citrine ...

By: Katie

Need to calm some tempers? Smooth some anger? Manifest your desires?
Well then you should consider wearing November's beautiful birthstone,
Citrine! While we can't guarantee that all your anger issues will be
resolved and your desires will all come true, we can tell you that the
ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Roman priests sure thought Citrine was
the key to making these things happen.

Let’s talk about some of the things we know with utmost certainty
about jewelry featuring citrine. It’s absolutely beautiful and you
don’t need to be a November baby to wear it. In fact, we recommend
this beautiful gemstone be worn for any occasion and is one of the
most frequently purchased golden orange gemstone. It’s also prized as
a gemstone that can be worn daily because of its durability.

Did we mention Christmas is right around the corner? Well if not we
did now! Jewelry featuring Citrine is a magnificent gift to give for
Christmas because of both its affordability and wonderfully warm
color. When someone is wearing Citrine they simply feel better. Not
because of all that ancient lore stuff, but because it has a beautiful
and rich feeling. Giving a gift of Citrine lets someone know they are
important to you, that you admire their style and like Citrine they
bring beauty to every room they enter.

Need an idea on how to be a sneaky but fun gift wrapping kind of
Santa? Check out our instagram post from November 3rd. Also, take a
moment to visit our store and hang out with one of our associates to
learn more about Citrine or any of your favorite birthstones. We love
talking about jewelry and we love talking to you. See everyone soon!