A Look From The Past

By: Amidon Jewelers

Whenever my girlfriends and I would talk about our dream wedding, one thing we never seemed to focus on much was what kind of diamond engagement rings we wanted. A couple girls over the years would have very specific ideas, or if a new style of engagement ring were introduced, it might be something we talk about for a while, but usually it was more about the dress and the location and the reception and the flowers and the honeymoon. Once in a while, we’d even talk about who we wanted to marry.   105 Faceted Diamond Solitaire by Phantom 105 105 Faceted Diamond Solitaire by Phantom 105   My boyfriend and I had been going steady for a couple of years when we started to have “the talk.” I knew it was coming soon and that he had mostly been waiting until he felt more secure in his career. That’s one of the things I love about him. He’s very concerned with making sure things are taken care of. I count on him to remember the tickets, to check the doors and to make sure the dog gets fed. There is something almost traditional about him in that regard, and that kept coming back to me when I was thinking about diamond engagement rings.   When he finally brought it up, he was very honest. He said the desire to surprise me with an engagement ring was overpowered by wanting to be sure he bought me one I would like, so he asked if there was a ring that had always meant a lot to me. Like I said, I had barely ever even considered it, but when I opened my mouth, the words “Diamond solitaire engagement rings” just came pouring forth. He smiled, said “Okay,” and we didn’t talk about it again until a month later when we went out to dinner.   Inside the box was the most beautiful solitaire engagement ring I could ever imagine. It was so simple and yet so elegant, so traditional and so perfect, that I knew it was the perfect symbol not only for how much he loved me, but also how much I loved him. Everything about him that makes me want to share the rest of my life with him is captured in my diamond solitaire engagement ring.