June Birthstones

June Birthstones

The traditional birthstone for June is Pearl. Although there are other alternatives for June this is one of the more popular choices. (Alexandrite is also a June birthstone)


Pearls have been documented from as far back as 2206 B.C. and was a symbol of wealth and status. Pearls were sought after to be passed down from generation to generation and that has not really changed over time.

A pearl is the only gem from a living being and although natural pearls are still around -albeit hard to find and rare- Culturing pearls has been a long time practice dating as far back as the 5th century B.C. Gaining popularity in the 1920s

Most pearls these days are cultured and are Fresh water cultured or Salt water cultured. You can find cultured pearls in white, pink, black, peacock colored (multi), gold and silver amongst many other shades.

Pearls are a classic and timeless gift.

Pearls are believed to be “tears from the gods”. It is said pearls can cure hundreds of ailments. Pearls are believed to have life sustaining powers. They are also believed to balance your karma and thought to even strengthen relationships.

Wear pearls with a casual T shirt and jeans or wear them as the perfect accent to that little black dress.

The rule of thumb when caring for pearls is last thing to be put on and first thing to be taken off. All lotions and perfumes are to go on before your pearls as they are a porous gem.

Keep your pearls out of water and wipe down with a soft cloth every once in awhile to remove natural oils from them.