Gifts for the Graduate 2023!

Gifts For The Graduate 2023!

As we approach the season of Highschool and College Graduation, many parents and family members are seeking that special something to commemorate the accomplishments of their loved ones. Often, individuals find themselves unsure of what gift to get for a graduate. To assist you in narrowing down your search and finding the perfect sentimental gift, here are some essential questions to consider:

  1. What type of graduation is it? Is it a Highschool or College graduation? This will help you determine an appropriate budget and suitable options for your recipient.

  2. If it's a College graduation, what profession is the graduate entering? This information can guide you in selecting a piece of jewelry that complements their daily attire.

  3. Consider their personality. While this may seem obvious, it is often overlooked after browsing through stores and considering multiple items. Make sure to choose something that aligns with their style and preferences, rather than solely based on your own taste.

For Highschool graduations, popular choices include necklaces and earrings. Birthstone pendants and studs are a great way to mark the occasion, and we offer a lovely selection of these items. Our gold and diamond initial pendants are also a casual yet enjoyable choice.

Simple gold chains or hoops are versatile options that can be worn daily and match any outfit. Additionally, we have seen an increase in demand for men's silver chains and silver bracelets as preferred gifts for Highschool graduates.

For College graduates, classic gifts such as pearls are often appreciated. You can choose from various looks, including studs, a pearl strand, or a simple pearl pendant. Pearls offer a clean and professional look that serves as a wardrobe staple.

Diamonds are always a sparkling choice that can be worn repeatedly and never go out of style. Stud earrings are a common first choice, followed by a Diamonds by the Yard necklace. These are pieces that can be worn daily and effortlessly transition from casual to formal.

If the graduate isn't interested in jewelry, we have a nice selection of Citizen watches. This timeless gift will serve as a constant reminder of the special occasion and accompany them throughout their lives.

Regardless of the gift you ultimately choose for your graduate, we are here to assist you in selecting the perfect item.