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Personalize your Father’s Day Gift this year with Engraved Jewelry

Father’s Day is right around the corner.  How will you show your dad this year that he is – and always will be – your personal hero?  Sure, Dad can always use another tie or golf accessory or “World’s Greatest Dad” mug, but if you want to give him a gift that really shows that you’ve put some thought into it, engraved jewelry is the perfect way to personalize your Father’s Day gift and show Dad just how much you love and appreciate him.


To be honest, moms are easier to shop for.  Mom is always delighted with new jewelry for Mother’s Day, or any occasion.  But we tend to forget that dads love (and deserve) nice jewelry, too, and there are plenty of Father’s Day gift options in this category to suite Dad’s personal taste and lifestyle, from the simple, casual, outdoor man to the executive, and everything in between.  So your search for that perfect Father’s Day jewelry gift should start with these “lifestyle” factors in mind, and then you can begin to personalize your gift from there.

Choosing the particular piece of jewelry, such as a watch or men’s bracelet is the first step, keeping in mind that virtually any jewelry can be personalized with engraving, provided it has enough surface to do so.  If you’re dad’s not really a jewelry guy, you can still personalize his Father’s Day gift this year with custom engraving on a variety of other items, as well.  Think plaques or mock awards, desk accessories like executive pen sets, or even certain types of fishing gear.  Get creative, and you’ll soon find you’ve come up with a truly one-of-a-kind Father’s Day gift that shows Dad he’s one-in-a-million.

Whether you choose to go with a special sentiment or add some humor with a funny saying or an “inside joke”, engraving gives you the opportunity to tell Dad just how you feel in a gift that will remind him each and every time looks upon it.  Custom engraving does require a little lead time, but there’s still plenty of time to personalize that perfect gift for Dad this Father’s Day if you get the process started now.  Your local jeweler can help you to find just the item you’re looking for to suit your dad’s taste and style, and do the engraving for you on site, quite affordably.

Make this the year you really “wow” him with a personalized Father’s Day Gift from the heart.

Surprise Him With a Titanium or Steel Bracelet, Band, or Gift Set This Father’s Day

June 17th is fast approaching, and finding the perfect Father’s Day gift may have you scratching your head. If you’ve already bought him as many ties, power tools, and golf clubs as he can possibly use, this year why not get him something truly personal and heartfelt?


Three mens bracelets


Amidon Jewelers offers a selection of men’s steel and titanium bracelets that give  him an opportunity to accessorize subtly whether he’s dressing up or dressing down.


Men’s bracelets have a long and fascinating history as both symbolic and fashion accessories, dating back to ancient Egypt.  The  Old Testament tells us that Moses received bracelets made of gold and silver from his appreciative soldiers upon returning unharmed from battle.


In contemporary times, men’s ID bracelet hit the American fashion scene in the 1950’s and 1960’s, beginning as a teen trend and growing in popularity with adult men.  By the 1990’s, Italian fashion houses were turning out a new generation of bracelets for men, artistically crafted in a variety of metals with a heavy weight  and masculine artistry that gave men permission to embrace fine jewelry  in the 21st century.


Designs incorporating cultural influences are a rising trend, as are the new metals, like steel and titanium, that are making designer-styled men’s bracelets more durable and economical than gold or platinum.  A cool steel and leather bracelet against the cuff of a dress shirt is the height of urban chic for men this season. Titanium bracelets have the heavy look of steel or tungsten, but they’re actually lighter weight and hold up well when exposed to sun and surf. Not only is titanium tarnish-proof, it is hypoallergenic too, so if he couldn’t tolerate gold or silver, titanium could be the perfect choice for him.


mens wedding bands


Titanium wedding bands are also growing in popularity, and there’s a tremendous variety of them available today.  If Dad doesn’t wear his wedding ring because its gold or silver base causes discomfort, consider surprising him with a titanium wedding band for Father’s Day, in any one of the hip new styles that may appeal to his inner bohemian. Of course, there are plenty of traditionally styled titanium bands available for those devoted to classic style, and a good sampling of titanium bands that are a little bit of both.


For gift givers looking to play it safe but still want to give Dad quality accessories, Amadon’s Jewelers also offers a modern, cool, stainless steel gift set that includes cufflinks, key fob, money clip and tie clip, or a pair of stacked black and steel cufflinks elegant enough for black tie accessorizing.


It’s not always easy to find the perfect jewelry gift for Dad, but this Father’s Day Amidon’s Jewelers has plenty to choose from if you’re looking to surprise him with something truly special.