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Take The Stress Out Of Shopping For Diamond Engagement Rings

The number one reason why people have such a hard time shopping for diamond engagement rings – besides the little voice in their head that tells them she might still say no – is because they feel they don’t know enough about jewelry to make the right decision. Exclusive of wedding jewelry and homes, most people expect to buy a few of everything throughout their life, including such big ticket items as cars and home electronics, so they build up confidence and knowledge through repetition. For some guys, the first time they ever walk into a jewelry store is when they are looking for diamond engagement rings.


A. Jaffe Diamond Engagement Ring

A. Jaffe Diamond Engagement Ring

What makes this situation even more challenging for people marrying now than it was for their parents and grandparents is the fact that they do more of their shopping online. These days, everything can be bought online, from groceries to automobiles, so people have become attuned to a “one size fits all” mentality that allows them to compare quantifiable data. They choose a model that has what they want, they find the best price, they click on it, and it’s done.


Diamond engagement rings don’t work that way. Yes, there are different criteria, including the cut of the diamond, the color and the clarity, as well as the carat count, which has an industry standard. Every diamond that becomes part of an engagement ring is classified and comparable, but you don’t need to hold a big screen television in your hands to determine if it’s the right one for you. You need to see it in person.


This sounds like it should make an already tense experience that much more stressful, but there’s a hidden ace up the sleeve of the jewelry store, and that is the person behind the counter. Diamonds are these people’s lives. They can show you all of the different options that fit her desires and your budget. They can explain how diamonds are graded, they can answer any questions that you have and best of all, they give you that experience of holding that ring and imagining how it will look on her finger. You knew enough to choose the right woman, trust them to help you choose the right diamond engagement ring.

Engagement Rings: Common Myths and Beliefs

Shopping for engagement rings is one of those things that breeds mixed emotions for each individual. Typically, men do the shopping and present the women with a diamond ring, but this world is evolving and it is not uncommon to see women doing the proposing. With gay marriage becoming legally recognized in many states across the United States, you may even see women buying these diamond engagement rings for other women, or men for men. We should not limit ourselves to what society tells us to do.

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Regardless of your gender or sexual preference, you will probably become familiar with diamond jewelry at some point in your life. Diamonds are always a sign of love and commitment. Even if you receive a piece of diamond jewelry from your parents, it is always given and received with love. Engagement rings are a bit different, though. These rings are only given to people with the intention of getting married one day. This is the most sacred piece of jewelry one could ever give because it comes with a really big question. This should not be taken lightly and certainly should not be given for any reason other than you not being able to visualize your life without this other person.

Engagement rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There is no such thing as a bad one since it solely depends on your personal preference when it comes to the way the ring looks. Some people are under the impression that all of these rings are super expensive, but that is certainly not the case. No matter your budget, you can always find a gorgeous ring for that special someone in your life whom you would love to marry! Love has no limits, and whether you have $100 or $10,000, you can always find something to display your love and commitment to this person. Using the excuse of not having enough money to get engaged or married is certainly a front for a far more serious issue. If someone truly loves you, there is no way in the world anything will stop them from letting you know that. There is always later in life, too. If you do not have the money to buy the engagement ring you want at this moment, you can always buy it later. Since you are getting married, you have all the time in the world.



Give the Gift of Engagement Rings Over the Holidays

The holidays are nearly among us. Now is the time to set your holiday plans in motion. Whether you are traveling out of town to meet with friends and family or you are staying home for the holidays, everyone needs a plan. If you are one of the select couples who are planning a big event for the holiday season, you certainly need to coordinate accordingly. A great example is if you plan on popping the big question to your girlfriend with a stunning engagement ring fit for a queen.

Gabriel Emerald Cut Halo Semi Mount

Gabriel Emerald Cut Halo Semi Mount

There is no doubt planning a proposal involves a lot of tedious preparation and time. You must first travel to a jewelry store and find the diamond engagement ring you will use as your prop when dropping down to one knee. Christmas time is a great time for proposals because everywhere is already decorated so beautifully for this particular holiday. If you are planning a Christmas wedding, this could save your budget since you have likely splurged on a gorgeous engagement ring for your honey!

Of course, there is the classic way of asking her to marry you by wrapping up the engagement ring into a box, or even several different boxes. She will be smiling ear to ear as she unwraps each box, getting closer and closer to the actual present. She may be expecting a pair of diamond earrings or even a necklace, but you will know what is inside…the most romantic and meaningful present of all.

If you are set on giving her this engagement ring present in a very romantic setting, your house could be off limits. Yes, it is special because it is your house, but taking her to a secluded, romantic area in your area could also be an option, as well. This would prevent you from being able to wrap the tiny box into a bigger box since you will have to carry around the present with you until you are ready to propose, though. This is no problem at all because you have taken the time to plan everything accordingly.

As you drop to one knee after she opens the present containing the engagement ring, make sure you actually ask her to marry you! You would be surprised at how many men forget to say these words! It may sound corny, but practicing in the mirror could be a good way to figure out exactly what you are going to say as she sees the engagement ring for the first time.



Shopping For Diamond Engagement Rings Made Easy

I don’t know what it is about me. They say that everybody has a gift, but I just never knew that mine would be shopping form diamond engagement rings. Keep in mind that I have only had to buy one for myself. It worked, she said yes, we’re still married to this day. I have also, however, had to take my best friend, my college roommate, my cousin, my wife’s sister, a co-worker, and two people who were practically complete strangers all shopping for diamond engagement rings. Since I might not ever meet you, I figured I would at least tell you what I think my secret is so your shopping experience can be as pleasant as possible.

A. Jaffe Engagement Ring

18kt A. Jaffe Engagement Ring


Everybody knows that shopping for wedding jewelry is unlike shopping for anything else, and that includes any type of diamond jewelry as well. The trick is not to let it panic you. Instead let it free you. When it comes to style, design and price, you know what you are looking for, but you don’t know how you’re going to get there. That’s all right. I look at shopping for diamond engagement rings like I do going to the aquarium: I have an idea about what I might see, but I simply try to let my mind be open to all of the surprises I am going to discover. Once you see all of the amazing possibilities, then you can start to form an idea of what diamond engagement rings are going to be the type that you are looking for. The trick really is to enjoy the experience instead of dreading it.


It may well be easier said than done, and I will admit I’m probably a little more relaxed helping other people shop for their diamond engagement rings than I was for my own, but it can be done. Another secret that I share with people is to remember that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Many people dread things they have to do over and over again. This is one shot and your down, so relax and enjoy it. In fact, you’ll be surprised how many jewelers go out of their way, with snacks, recliners, televisions, even cocktails, to make diamond engagement ring shopping as pleasant as possible.


Gem of the Court

Every spring, between late May and early June, 128 men and women professional tennis players gather in Paris for the second Grand Slam of the year, the French Open. Held at Roland Garros, the all clay court tennis center named after the French aviator, the French Open is often considered one of the most physically demanding tennis tournaments on the pro circuit.


The evolution of the French Open is as fascinating as the tournament itself. As the official site for the French Open says,


The stadium that stages one of the world’s four major tennis tournaments was built in 1928, but the French men’s singles championship goes back much further than that. Originally reserved for members of French clubs, it was first held on the courts of Stade Français club in Paris in 1891. The women’s singles were added six years later, it was not until 1925 that the French Tennis Federation decided to open the event to the best foreign players. Thus, the French Internationals were born, and staged alternately at Stade Français and Racing Club de France until the Roland-Garros stadium came into being in 1928.


The year of 1927 was a milestone for French tennis, the year the celebrated French Musketeers (Jacques “Toto” Brugnon, Jean Borotra, Henri Cochet and René Lacoste) pulled off one of the biggest shocks in 20th century sport. The famous foursome upset all the odds by winning the Davis Cup on American soil, and in doing so set up a rematch in 1928, in Paris. Obviously, such a major sporting occasion required a stadium worthy of its stature, and so it was that the Stade Français handed over three hectares of land near Porte d’Auteuil to the French Tennis Federation. The only condition to the offer of land was that the new stadium should bear the name of one of Stade Français’ most renowned former members, Roland-Garros, who had died some ten years earlier. Roland-Garros was an aviation pioneer who, on 23 September 1913, had become the first man to fly a plane over the Mediterranean. The 1928 French Internationals were the first event to be held in the new stadium, just before the Musketeers took centre-stage to beat the Americans in their long-awaited rematch.


These days tennis is synonymous with fashion; from French player Suzanne Lenglen to Andre Agassi, the Williams sisters and Maria Sharapova, tennis stars have shown that you can look as good as you play. Even if you can’t slide and slice on clay like the pros, you can still capture their style with several pieces of carefully chosen jewelry.


Maria Sharapova is known for her dazzling diamond earrings, something she wears at each Grand Slam.


Dazzle like a pro at Amidon Jewelers.



Ever since former tennis pro Chris Evert wore a single stranded diamond bracelet during a match at the 1987 US Open, which happened to accidentally break open and went flying across the court, the bracelet has been dubbed the tennis bracelet.



Amidon’s silver and diamond bracelet.

Tennis pro Ryan Sweeting spared no expense when asking Kaley Cuoco to marry him.


Halo engagement rings at Amidon Jewelers.

Celeb Engagement News, 2014

Ha-cha-cha! Amidon Jewelers has some great, upcoming celebrity wedding-bell news for you. January and February saw a new swell of celebrity engagements and that included a wide variety of engagement ring tastes; traditional solitaire, intimate custom designs, even ultra-traditional. Here are the top three examples.


First up, we bring you the announcement of Christina Aguilera’s engagement to her beau, Matthew Rutler. The two met while she was filming Burlesque where he was a production assistant.


According to a source, Rutler has been designing the ring for nearly a year, inspired by pieces he knew Aguilera already adored, and incorporated those designs into one uniform look for her engagement ring. He also carefully chose each stone designing the setting to represent their relationship over the past three years and the expectation of their future together.


Everything about the ring is symbolic, from the design of the band/setting around the diamonds that you can see, representing their journey together, to the special features you cannot see, such as the hidden, multi-colored gemstones that are designed to be in contact with Christina’s skin as she believes the stones will enhance aspects in her life, such as love, protection and healing.



Amidon’s selection is wide ranging, along with our Diamond Education section which will help you understand what you need to know about diamonds, our highly trained staff will show you the differences available. Not only can you shop for a loose diamond from our site we also have different settings and gold-types to choose from when customizing your ring selection.


In second, happiness has finally found the twice rejected Bachelor contestant, Kacie Boguskie. Kacie B. announced her engagement to boyfriend, music producer, Rusty Gaston via Twitter and Imgur. Rusty also worked with a designer to create a ring for his bride-to-be and Kacie tweeted how blessed she was to be marrying her best friend, that her ring was beautiful and she couldn’t wait to see the band.



Amidon has numerous diamond solitaires to choose from. Proposing with the solitaire allows for the proposer to have that special ring that is expected, but also comes with the value that the couple can later return to find a setting that best fits their personality, or simply pick out a band and leave the solitaire as is. This makes the classic diamond solitaire a very versatile purchase.


If you really want a big bang for your buck then look to Phantom 105 Diamond. These diamonds are specially cut with a trade marked, proprietary tooling equipment that make the diamond have the most luster, scintillation and light reflection possible. The results, besides just being stunning, is a diamond that appears bigger than its contemporary 58-facet brilliant round diamond.


In the event that is still out of your price range ask one of our specialists about our diamond enhancement process. Amidon Jewelers is the exclusive Yehuda Diamond Dealer in the area, offering a great value option to our guests. The Yehuda Process gives you an average 30% PRICE ADVANTAGE.


Last but not least, hopefully third time’s a charm for The Princess Bride, Robin Wright.  The current House of Cards actress stepped out at the Golden Globes in January with her fiance’, actor, Ben Foster. Ben and her met while filming Rampart together in 2012 and Ben is currently gearing up to promote his most recent work portraying Lance Armstrong.


Robin first displayed her engagement ring at the Diane Furstenburg’s ‘Journey of a Dress‘ event, her ring this time around is a simple gold design, and appears devoid of gems.


This is a great example of breaking with tradition and Amidon Jewelers is here to help with our custom design services. But, if the above designs didn’t get your creative juices flowing, take a look at just some of these rings, all from top designers, that Amidon Jewelers is proud to carry; Gabriel & Co., MaeVona, Sholdt, A. Jaffe and Alishan.


Remember, you can visit us at one of our three locations Claremont, Hanover or West Lebanon, New Hampshire


Cupid’s Gift Ideas

Depending on the story you refer to, Cupid has various roots, dating back thousands of years. In Greek mythology, Cupid was known as Eros, the son of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. In Roman mythology, Cupid was the son of Venus. Jealous of human Psyche’s beauty, Venus sent Cupid to make Psyche fall in love with a poor man. Taken back by her beauty himself, Cupid accidentally dropped his arrow, shooting himself in the foot and falling in love with her himself.

Today, most of us know Cupid as the little chubby baby who begins occupying our local grocery stores shortly after Christmas. Luckily for the staff of Amidon Jewelers, we know where the REAL Cupid resides. He’s right here, helping our customers purchase the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for our love-struck customers. We can’t guarantee that it wasn’t his help that made you fall in love, but he will help you find the perfect gift now, and all year round.

How could Cupid possibly resist suggesting this bracelet, when it reminds him of hearts and arrows? You’ve won her heart and her hand, so now’s the time to decorate her wrist! White gold, diamonds and rubies are intertwined in this lovely bracelet.



The Garnet is known to be the stone symbolizing love and compassion, and it is also thought to increase passion. Cupid had no hesitation before recommending this Garnet and Diamond ring for your lady!

Are you ready to take the next step (if you haven’t already), and propose to your leading lady? Even Venus will be weeping tears of joy when she hears the news! While he knows you need to find a ring both you and your lady will love, Cupid can’t help but be partial to this stunner. A beautiful creation by True Romance, this beauty reminds Cupid of ancient times with the intricate decoration running up the band.

You may whisper sweet words in your lady’s ears all the time, but Cupid suggests giving her sweets to wear on her ears as well! These 14kt White Gold earrings are adorned with .50ct in diamonds, making them the richest kisses she’ll ever want to eat!

Cupid’s arrows sometimes take a wild journey to reach their intended victims, but in the, just like romance, the swirls, ups and downs are worth it. This gorgeous Imaya Silver Pendant is accented with diamonds, a feature your lovely won’t possibly miss.




Amidon Jewelers is very fortunate to have Cupid on hand to help you with your everyday jewelry shopping needs. As with any other holiday or special occasion, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff with any questions on your quest to find the perfect gift.

Promise to Each Other


This photo was taken in our West Lebanon store.

Caitlin and Troy were so delighted with their beautiful ring they couldn’t wait and secured their promise to each other before leaving the store.

They were so cute, not something we see every day in our store, but we always love being part of our guests memories.

Design Your Diamond Engagement Ring Online



The fastest growing trend in diamond engagement ring design? How about designing it yourself? That’s right, from choosing the shape, size, and even color of your diamond (or diamonds), to selecting a band that you love, to creating the diamond engagement ring of your dreams for probably less  money than you would pay for a pre-set ring in a mall jewelry store – all done online, at your own pace.

loose diamonds

Most likely you are already aware of the phenomenal software that online jewelers now make available to create your own ring – simply log on to a trusted diamond site and start designing the diamond engagement ring you will wear for a lifetime. But in case you’re not familiar with the design-your-own-ring process, here’s your chance to learn more.


The fact is, more and more people have taken to buying loose diamonds online through reputable diamond distributors because of the cost savings. Online diamond sellers today are highly credible, selling certified diamonds (with all the appropriate paperwork) through Internet transactions. These diamond merchants keep a large inventory of quality diamonds, and they display their inventory live on their website. Diamond shoppers can search for exactly the stone they want, and most likely are going to get a larger diamond than they expected to be able to afford.


Online diamond sellers comprise perhaps the fastest growing branch of the diamond and jewelry industry. Their success is based in part on the fact that with no storefront, their overhead is zero, or close to it. In recent years, serious diamond shoppers – people like you who are looking for the best price on a quality diamond engagement ring (or for a diamond for another special piece of jewelry).pRINCESS CUT DIAMOND RING


The amazing software available through these online diamond sellers is unbelievably sophisticated. Anyone can sit down at their laptop and begin designing a diamond engagement ring within minutes. In fact, the hardest part will be tearing yourself away once you get started.


Once you log on, you’ll immediately see the selection of diamonds available to buy, listed by the 4Cs –  color, clarity, cut and carat weight. A scanned copy of the diamond’s certificate and grading report is there for you to view as well. The diamond styles themselves – round brilliant, marquis, princess, Asscher, pear, oval, cushion, emerald and heart shaped diamonds are easily viewed with full descriptions.


Remember, diamonds .5 carats or larger will be certified from the top recognized independent laboratories issuing diamond certificates or grading reports. You get a complete description of the individual diamond’s features, including the 4Cs.  If you are a little bit intimidated by selecting your own diamond, no worries; a little homework will arm you with the information you need to make an excellent choice on a diamond that fits your budget.


What makes purchasing a loose diamond for your engagement ring (or any piece of jewelry for that matter) online so great is the fact that you will probably be able to buy a larger diamond than you had originally expected because of the lower prices. So if you began your engagement ring search with a budget you assumed would keep you in the .5 carat range or smaller, you may very well find a .65 or larger diamond within your budget! Remember, with no brick and mortar overhead, no staff to pay and no building to maintain, online diamond sellers can pass extra savings on to buyers like you.

Diamond engagement ring

It really is no secret that the Internet is the preferred venue for buying loose diamonds at the best prices, but is it safe? Of course it is, provided you select a reputable diamond seller who is available to advise you if you need it, and answer your questions.


You will find a large inventory of settings you to choose from – most often gold and platinum, but some online jewelers offer silver and other precious metals as well. You can start by looking at different diamond shapes and sizes, and literally ”plop” any diamond you like into a setting to see how it looks. The diamonds offered will rank anywhere from good to excellent in quality, fire, brilliance, and other criteria.


Since you’re designing your ring from the comfort and privacy of you home, there are no salespeople pressuring you, no clock ticking before the store closes, no waiting in line for service . You have all the time you need to peruse the online inventory of diamonds and settings, and play with different options to find the ring of your dreams. It’s a great option for couples to choose an engagement ring together. And it’s fun!


Once you have found a few diamonds that interest you, ask for the name of an affiliate nearby who can show you the stones in person if you wish. Shop online for loose diamonds and then see them through affiliate programs like You can even have the option of purchasing a smaller cut stone up front, and trading up to a larger diamond in the future, when budget permits. Reputable diamond sellers will make these options available to their customers, so don’t hesitate to ask.


Enjoy designing your engagement ring. When you are the one choosing the stone and setting, you are creating an intimate symbol of your love, a bit of personal history  that will stay with you for the rest of your life.





Treated Color Diamonds: Beautiful and Affordable Diamond Jewelry With an Attitude


Loveables diamond rings              lovables black diamond ring


Guess what? Small diamonds are in demand these days, particularly small, treated color diamonds. Smaller diamonds (under .5 carat) are often not graded and therefore less expensive, so treated color diamonds often make an affordable option for gifts, or for yourself. In a tight economy, having an affordable option for trendy diamond jewelry is always welcome.


Treated color diamonds are natural diamonds that undergo a color change through high pressure heat treatment (HPHT), electron  acceleration, irradiation, coating, or similar processes to achieve a  desired color. The result is a permanent color change in the diamond, .  which is then set in some pretty spectacular jewelry.


yellow diamond ring lovablesWhen a diamond undergoes a color treatment, the result is color stable forever. You can find some beautiful pieces of treated diamond jewelry, including these fantastic Lovables color diamond ring, just $249 at Amidon Jewelers.


Amidon’s treated color diamond Lovables make a perfect gift for a special lady. Buy one in the color of her birthstone, and she may want to buy more down the road.  Treat yourself toa Loveable or two (or more) and stack them, or wear them individually and color coordinate to your daily outfits.  At this price, anyone can indulge infun and colorful diamond rings without breaking the bank.


Each treated diamond is as beautiful as the fancy color diamonds found in nature, but much less expensive since the latter are very rare (and becoming rarer), which keeps their price tags high. Treated color diamonds can be found in a wide selection of hues like pink, green, gold, yellow, orange, green, black, blue and red.


Also called “enhanced” diamonds, treated diamonds are one way to enjoy some exquisite color diamond jewelry at a price you can afford. There’aquamarine diamond ring lovabless no reason why a treated color diamond ring can’t be presented as an engagement or anniversary ring, if it means giving your girl a ring she’ll love that fits your budget.


By the way, you can also choose a traditional white diamond Loveable ring for classic elegance.