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Valentine’s Day Diamond Jewelry For Him

My fiancé likes to joke with me about shopping for Valentine’s Day. He says that it’s impossible for him to surprise me with anything because I already know that it’s going to be candy, flowers and some kind of diamond jewelry. Compared to me – and women everywhere, for that matter – I think he and most men have it easy. It’s easy to find romantic gifts for women, but I don’t think there’s anything too romantic about power tools, and if I try to give him flowers, I know he’ll forget to take care of him. That’s why I’m going to surprise him with some diamond jewelry of his own.

1/2CTTW Men's Diamond Wedding Band

1/2CTTW Men’s Diamond Wedding Band


I’m lucky that he is conscious enough about what he wears and how he dresses that he is always looking for new ways to accessorize. Men’s jewelry has become more popular over the last several years, and I was actually surprised to see how many different styles of jewelry there was to choose from. Most people think men’s jewelry begins with fashion watches and ends with wedding bands, but there are complete lines of diamond rings, bracelets and necklaces to choose from, as well as more traditional items like cuff links and tie tacks.


I knew that as adventurous as he might be when it comes to fashion, he wouldn’t want anything too flashy. The last thing I wanted to do was make him think I was dressing him to look like Mr. T. I wanted to make sure that it would be something he would like to wear and that would also be a reminder of me. When I went to my local jewelry store and was talking to the woman working there, she directed me to their collection of men’s jewelry made from aircraft steel.


Far from being generic jewelry that could be worn by either gender, these pieces have a very masculine look and feel to them. Plus, I knew the uniqueness of it would really appeal to him. I can’t wait to see the look in his eyes when he opens the gift and sees the necklace I bought him, and I really can’t wait to tell him how easy it was to shop for him.



Decorating For Christmas with Your Family

When it comes to decorating your house for the holidays, what is your favorite part of the process? Some people like getting in the Christmas spirit the night of Thanksgiving by turning on some Christmas music and decorating their homes with all of the red and green decorations they can find. Other people do not go overboard at all and will simply ignore the holiday as it passes. No matter what you do or do not do for Christmas, you can still save a ton of money if you decide to do some Christmas shopping. Even if you do not celebrate Christmas, you can still save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on items you would have purchased anyway. If you are going to buy something you may as well buy it when it is on sale! Everything from cars to engagement rings will be on sale for you to buy for yourself or another person.


View our Great Gift Selections at Amidon Jewelers

View our Great Gift Selections at Amidon Jewelers

Many people enjoy the process of going out to buy and put up a Christmas tree. Some people like the fake trees because they are less work to clean up. These trees also only need to be purchased one time. Just like an engagement ring, you can typically buy one in your life and be okay for a very long time! Eventually you will need to upgrade your tree as you move from home to home and you may even have to buy her a new diamond ring on down the road to keep her happy, but for the most part, one item is more than enough! Real trees have some pros and cons to them. One of the biggest pros is the smell. Real Christmas trees smell so good! They fill your home with the smell of Christmas and allow everyone who comes in your house to feel the love and warmth of this very special time of year. It is also a very special time with your family to decorate the tree and house together. If you have children, this can be quite the production! Their little faces will light up as you place each and every ornament on the tree for them to see. Your wife will also enjoy opening up her gift from under the tree – a lovely diamond ring!

Designer Men’s Wedding Bands Set A New Standard

I know it sounds like a cliché, but take it from a man speaking with experience: planning the wedding is truly all about the bride. I certainly had dreams about what I wanted my wedding to be like when I was growing up, but my dreams of eventually watching the Dallas Cowboys win another Super Bowl are far more important to me, so when it came to making decisions for the wedding, I deferred to my fiancé most of the time. Besides, she has a better eye for colors and a better nose for flowers. It’s the same reason I let her decorate the house. I don’t tell her what kind of diamond jewelry to wear when we go out for the night. Do you really think I’m crazy enough to say “I think the sea foam works better than the salmon?” I didn’t even know those were colors.

Vitalium Journey Laser Wedding Band

One of the aspects of our nuptials where I did make a stand, however, was when it came time to shop for the wedding jewelry. I see the wedding bands that my father and uncles wore, and those weren’t enough for me. I knew that I wanted a men’s wedding band that was more than just a simple plain ring. If I was going to be wearing this for the rest of my life (like I planned), I wanted to be sure the ring had a little bit of personality.


We both knew that we were going to get married long before I popped the question, so when we were out running errands or just strolling through town, we would stop at jewelry stores and look at the collection of diamond engagement rings and wedding jewelry. My then-girlfriend, now-wife understood that it was important to me that the men’s wedding band we chose be something designer, and that allowed us to pick out an entire wedding set where all three rings matched. One of the best things about loving the ring she would be slipping on my finger was that it made it much easier to nod, smile and say, “Whatever you want dear” when she asked me about the flowers, the seating chart, or anything else. I had her and my designer wedding band. I was happy.


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Pearls are found in a verity and shape and array of mysterious colors. Formed naturally from living mollusk, a pearl is created over time, made of several layers of inner shell material called nacre.


Pearls have been sought after for their beauty for centuries.  Before the creation of cultured pearls in the early 1900′s pearls was often one of the most expensive jewelry available.  Historians recorded that an early roman general financed an entire military campaign from the sale of one of his mother’s single pearl earrings.

Pearls have been around since the beginning of recorded time.  Cleopatra, ancient Romans, and Pharaohs adorned themselves with the gems.


Ancient stories in both China and India include tales of the Gods giving a pearl as a gift.   Some Indian cultures believed that pearls were tears from the heavens that fell into the sea and were captured by the shellfish.

Pearls were widely used for medicine in Europe, Persia, and Asia for various despises and insanity. Pearls were believed to bring you power, wealth and longevity.  Evan to this day, Pearls are ground and used for medicine throughout the orient.


Pearls are not for everyday wear, take care when wearing to protect from scratches and harsh blows. Always put your pearls on last to avoid chemicals such as perfumes and hair sprays. To clean, wipe gently with a moist cloth.  Read more care tips in our blog here.



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Gifts for Dad

Looking for a great personal gift?Stop in today for a consultation on thousands of special order products for guys.

  • Chains and Bracelets
  • Cuff links
  • Dog-tags
  • Tie Bars
  • Single Diamond Studs
  • Engravable Flasks
  • Carbon Fiber Accessories
  • Boxed Gift Sets
  • Desk Accessories

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 Graduation Gifts

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Our Month at AmidonOur month started off helping select beautiful jewelry to be given as gifts to bridesmaids and to complement gorgeous wedding dresses.  We are glad it is finally feeling more like summer, and for us, wedding season is in full swing.We have welcomed Bobby to our staff, stop in to the Power-house Store and say hello.Have you seen our new selection of promise rings and bridal sets?  We have added several new styles to our cases in each store.Our Hanover Store is busy with engraving projects for our community’s graduation and award ceremonies.  It’s great to see all of the familiar names of the individuals receiving recognition.

Jewelry Tip

It’s the easy going sand and flip-flop time of year. Although you’r ready to unwind, summer can be especially ruff on your jewelry. Here is what you need to know to keep your favorite pieces safe and secure for the upcoming season.

  • Chlorine and salt water can age your precious metal. Never wear your jewelry in the pool, hot tub, ocean, or shower. Gold, silver, platinum and some gemstones will rapidly tarnish or erode when exposed to these corrosive elements.
  • Sunbathe without the sparklers. Lotions and sunscreens can coat or even degrade your jewelry. Always remove your jewelry when applying perfumes, cosmetics, and skin care products.
  • Organization is essential when traveling. Avoid hassle and damage, keep your jewelry in separate bags and avoid a jumbled mess.
  • Keep your jewelry safe while away. Select hotels with room safes or safe deposit boxes.
  • Before you travel, be sure your jewelry is adequately insured and has an up to date appraisal.

Remember to stop in often throughout the summer for a free professional cleaning and inspection at all of our locations.

Silver Restoration EventJune 18th at the Hanover Location.

Trivia GameAnswer these trivia questions for your chance to win a$25 Amidon Jewelers gift certificate! (rules below)

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4. What color is the only light allowed in a photographer’s dark room?


5. Doctor’s for thousands of years prescribing Chewing on the bark of a willow tree, led to this modern day medicine.


6.  This year, midsummer or solstice occurs on what day?


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Father’s Day Ideas

While early incarnations of Mother’s Day began popping up in the 1860s, it took longer for a special day for fathers to catch on. Maybe because men are notoriously difficult to shop for! President Woodrow Wilson signed Mother’s Day into law in 1914, but it took another fifty-plus years before President Lyndon Johnson formalized Father’s Day in 1966. In 1972, President Richard Nixon made the holiday permanent.


It’s not that folks didn’t want to give Dad his due before then. Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Washington, was an early proponent of Father’s Day. Dodd thought if mothers got Mother’s Day, it was only fair for fathers to have a day in their honor. She started a movement amongst area churches. Spokane celebrated its first Father’s Day in 1910. Dodd selected June as the proper month because her own father was a June baby.


The idea spread through the nation in stops and starts. President Wilson approved of the Father’s Day idea, but never made it official. Calvin Coolidge made a point of encouraging closer relationships between fathers and their children. During the ‘20s and ‘30s, some people wanted to celebrate neither Mother’s nor Father’s Day, but combine them into a single holiday, Parents’ Day.


So why did it take so long for Father’s Day to catch up to Mother’s Day? Perhaps it has something to do with men feeling they have to keep up their tough, protective image and not give in to sentimentality. But everybody likes to be appreciated, including the fathers in your life, whether they’ll admit it or not. Even if Dad say, “Really, I don’t want anything for Father’s Day,” he might secretly hope you’ll do something a little special.


Here are a few ideas for your father or father figures:


Spend time together. Buy two tickets for an event Dad likes, whether it’s a ballgame or an opera


Cook his favorite dinner or bake a cake


For a lasting gift, choose a bracelet from Amidon. The lightweight titanium bracelets are hypoallergenic, stand up to surf and sun, and look cool like steel. Or if Dad’s a black tie kind of guy, go with the stacked black and steel cufflinks.


Most of all, tell Dad you appreciate him. Ponder these quotes by wise thinkers.


“It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father.”
-Pope John XXIII


“A father is someone who carries pictures in his wallet where his money used to be.”



A Kiss is Just a Kiss

A kiss is just a kiss – that is until it is a Hershey’s Kiss. A childhood favorite, who doesn’t have sweet memories of peeling back the silver wrapper and letting the creamy milk chocolate melt in your mouth?!

Now you can keep those sweet memories close to your heart at all times; the iconic Hershey’s Kiss has been transformed into a line of jewelry, available at Amidon Jewelers.

If you’ve been holding back giving a kiss to someone special, for fear she’ll say ‘no’, then perhaps a shimmering jewel-toned kiss is the answer. You are guaranteed to bring a smile to any girls face, big or small, with one of these gems. White gold, yellow gold, diamond encrusted – even kisses for a cause – all make the perfect gift for a young girl’s first piece of jewelry, a tweener gift, commemorating a sweet 16 or to any woman that has a sense of style, flair and fun.

The Hershey’s Kiss line of jewelry at Amidon Jewelers replicates foil wrapped famous treat with the traditional blue and white paper tag, peaking out of the tip of every chocolate kiss. Earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings and even cufflinks are available to savor and share.

Kiss Stud Earrings

Designed in Sterling Silver this Small Flat Back Hershey’s Kiss stud type pair of earrings shines as an expression of Love. The Kiss measures 10MM in height and 4MM at the base. The Hershey’s Kiss earrings feature a comfortable push back closure. Available in diamond-covered as well.

Hanging Kiss Earrings

This Kiss measures 10MM in height and 4MM at the base. The Hershey’s Kiss earrings feature a comfortable lever back closure.



Sterling Silver Charm Kiss Ring

Available in several sizes, this particular hanging Kiss ring 15MM in height and 6MM at the base.


Sterling Silver Flat Back Kiss Ring

Available in several sizes, this Kiss measures 15MM in height and 6MM at the base.


Diamond Kiss Pendant

For the girl who really loves her Kisses, this 3D diamond pendant is designed in 14KT White Gold. The Kiss measures 20MM in height and 15MM at the base. The diamond color is G and clarity is SI. The Hershey’s Kiss includes a 22 inch (20 inch with a 2 inch extension) 14KT white gold cable chain w/ lobster lock.

Sterling Silver Hershey’s Kiss Cufflinks

Men like Kisses too!! Designed in sterling silver these flat back Hershey’s Kiss cufflinks shine. The Kiss measures 15MM in height and 6MM at the base.

And the best part, no calories!

View all of our Kisses.

12 Days of a Bejeweled Christmas

On the First day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
A partridge in a Pear Tree…

Well, no partridges here, but how about a Men’s ring made with tree bark? (not a pear tree, but still a tree)

8mm Black Zirconium Ring with Raised Center Brush/TREE Bark Finish


On the Second day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Two Turtle Doves…

This sterling silver diamond dove is pretty close!


On the Third day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Three French Hens…

Something tells us she would rather have this A. Jaffe 18kt White Gold Engagement Ring with French Pave Setting rather than hens…and you probably only need to buy one, not three.


On the Fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Four Colly Birds…

A Colly bird is a black bird, which we don’t have here at Amidon, but we do have black diamonds.

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,

Yup, we got that!!
One Ladies Champagne And White Diamond Ring Set In 14k Rose Gold

14 Karat White Gold Ring With Prong Set Round Blue Diamonds

See more here!

On the Sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Six Geese-a-Laying…

Nothing even close, but we do carry beautiful sterling silver bracelets, such as this heart clasped bangle with diamond accent.

On the Seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Seven Swans-a-Swimming…

No, no swans. But swans remind us of weddings, and our wide array of bridal jewelry makes it easy to find the piece that’s just right for you. Like this 5/8 ctw stunning engagement ring.

On the Eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,

Eight Maids-a-Milking…

Pearls are milky-white.


On the Ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Nine Ladies Dancing…

What makes a lady dance? Diamonds!
1ctw Diamond Earrings

On the Tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Ten Lords-a-Leaping

Men’s jewelry, we got it!
Titanium Bracelet

Boxed set


On the Eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Eleven Pipers Piping…

This yellow gold Marco Bicego Jaipur Ring With Amethyst will make her forget all about pipers and piping!

On the Twelfth day of Christmas my true love smiled with glee,
as she said Yes!, when I asked her to marry me.

Maevona 18kw Bluebell Semi-Mount Solitaire Engagement Ring


Happy Holidays!!!

Giver Her a Little Kiss. She’ll Love You For it.


Hershey's Kiss jewelryHave you ever wanted to give someone a kiss? Sure you have, although you have probably held back giving kisses as freely as you’d like. Perhaps you’re unsure of the reaction you’ll get, and asking to give a girl a kiss can backfire. What if she says “no”?


Here’s a Kiss you don’t  have worry about giving; in fact, you can rest assured it will be warmly received. This Kiss is one any girl will gladly accept.


The chocolate-y goodness of the iconic Hershey’s Kiss has been transformed into fine, fun jewelry that’s as quirky as it is cute. After all, who doesn’t love Hershey’s Kisses? From the sterling silver traditional Hershey’s Kiss locket (it holds two photos!) to a 14K white gold, diamond encrusted pendant, this sweet symbol of creamy smooth love makes a perfect gift, in one version or another, for a tweener birthday girl, a grown up birthday girl who has everything (and loves her kisses), and all the girls in-between.


Each little Kiss shimmers with reflective light.


The Hershey’s Kiss line of jewelry at Amidon Jewelers is designed to replicate the famous foil wrapped chocolate treat with the familiar blue-and-white paper tag that peeks out at the tip of every chocolate kiss we savor.

Hershey's Kisses pendants


You can get sterling silver ring kisses (two versions available), and Hershey’s Kiss drop earrings in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, pink (rose) gold, and of course, there’s the extra sweet diamond encrusted Hershey’s Kiss earrings.




For the girl who wears her Kisses on her sleeve (sorry, it was just too tempting), check out these 14K white gold, diamond encrusted 3D shaped Hershey’s Kiss charm bracelets.  Delectable.   Hershey's Kiss Bracelet


There are even Kisses for him – sterling silver Hershey’s Kiss cufflinks in two sizes. If he has a sweet tooth and loves kisses, these will make a fun gift that he’ll enjoy wearing anytime cufflinks are called for.


For something that might seem a bit silly at first glance, Hershey’s Kiss jewelry is actually a clever option for gift giving that is sweet, unassuming, and beloved by everyone. You can give Hershey’s Kiss jewelry to your girl and your Mom, your sister and your sister-in-law. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, although it certainly can be. There’s a Hershey’s Kiss pendant smothered in chocolate cz – perfect for the Hershey’s Kiss lover who is looking to watch her calories.


chocolate brown doamonds Hershey's Kiss jewelryNo calories here.


Women of all ages indulge in the Hershey’s Kiss Jewelry designs because they’re fun and they’re familiar. We all have a personal relationship with the Hershey’s  Kiss, after all; why not own it?


Hershey’s Kiss Jewelry pieces come in such a wide variety of precious metals and gemstones, there’s something a little bit tasty for every budget. Let’s face it, the Hershey’s Kiss is a part of Americana. People have enjoyed them since 1907, and no one is immune from the temptation to have “just one more” little Kiss.


We’re as smitten with the Hershey’s Kiss line of jewelry as we are with their edible counterparts. Give Kisses to your girls, and they’ll love you forever.


At Amidon Jewelers, a Kiss is not “just” a kiss.




Surprise Him With a Titanium or Steel Bracelet, Band, or Gift Set This Father’s Day

June 17th is fast approaching, and finding the perfect Father’s Day gift may have you scratching your head. If you’ve already bought him as many ties, power tools, and golf clubs as he can possibly use, this year why not get him something truly personal and heartfelt?


Three mens bracelets


Amidon Jewelers offers a selection of men’s steel and titanium bracelets that give  him an opportunity to accessorize subtly whether he’s dressing up or dressing down.


Men’s bracelets have a long and fascinating history as both symbolic and fashion accessories, dating back to ancient Egypt.  The  Old Testament tells us that Moses received bracelets made of gold and silver from his appreciative soldiers upon returning unharmed from battle.


In contemporary times, men’s ID bracelet hit the American fashion scene in the 1950’s and 1960’s, beginning as a teen trend and growing in popularity with adult men.  By the 1990’s, Italian fashion houses were turning out a new generation of bracelets for men, artistically crafted in a variety of metals with a heavy weight  and masculine artistry that gave men permission to embrace fine jewelry  in the 21st century.


Designs incorporating cultural influences are a rising trend, as are the new metals, like steel and titanium, that are making designer-styled men’s bracelets more durable and economical than gold or platinum.  A cool steel and leather bracelet against the cuff of a dress shirt is the height of urban chic for men this season. Titanium bracelets have the heavy look of steel or tungsten, but they’re actually lighter weight and hold up well when exposed to sun and surf. Not only is titanium tarnish-proof, it is hypoallergenic too, so if he couldn’t tolerate gold or silver, titanium could be the perfect choice for him.


mens wedding bands


Titanium wedding bands are also growing in popularity, and there’s a tremendous variety of them available today.  If Dad doesn’t wear his wedding ring because its gold or silver base causes discomfort, consider surprising him with a titanium wedding band for Father’s Day, in any one of the hip new styles that may appeal to his inner bohemian. Of course, there are plenty of traditionally styled titanium bands available for those devoted to classic style, and a good sampling of titanium bands that are a little bit of both.


For gift givers looking to play it safe but still want to give Dad quality accessories, Amadon’s Jewelers also offers a modern, cool, stainless steel gift set that includes cufflinks, key fob, money clip and tie clip, or a pair of stacked black and steel cufflinks elegant enough for black tie accessorizing.


It’s not always easy to find the perfect jewelry gift for Dad, but this Father’s Day Amidon’s Jewelers has plenty to choose from if you’re looking to surprise him with something truly special.