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Turquoise, A Summer Gem

Turquoise is the perfect gemstone for summer whether at the beach, a barbeque or for a nice night in the town.



Since it is one of the most beautiful gemstone, turquoise is said to be a sacred stone and it is often used to oust out negative energy. Turquoise owner have and increased self-confidence and are more contented since it is the symbol of happiness.


People are wearing Turquoise all year round; it goes fashionably with the warm summer light tones, such as beige, rosy and carroty.


The history of Turquoise goes that, “Turquoise is a blue to gray-green mineral containing of copper aluminum phosphate. The mineral is a hyrous phosphate of aluminum, which comprises a small percent of copper. The copper is what gives the mineral its blue dyeing. When the turquoise mineral is associated with iron that is when you get the greenish turquoise. If the mineral contains zinc, the turquoise mineral will be a yellowish color.”


Turquoise is the effect of a chemical response. When water holds minerals, such as copper or aluminum, letting this water leaking through a rock, you will get an amazing outcome called turquoise. In the United States there are numerous turquoise deposits in the southwestern part of the country, especially in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.


It is thought by gem enthusiasts that turquoise comprises abundant therapeutic properties, such as counterbalancing over-acidity, eases rheumatoid stiffness, reliefs with abdominal issues, helps to increase muscle growth and power, relieves pain, works as an anti-inflammatory and it has cleansing effects. Consult with your doctor before using turquoise as a healing aid.


Crystal Cure says of turquoise, “This stone is a very personal and meaningful stone to one who wears it. Turquoise takes on the characteristics of the owner. Turquoise carries great wisdom of basic truth within it. It is one of the oldest stones known. This is a stone that a person must learn to attune to instead of the stone attuning to the person. It is important that the owner of a Turquoise give it the proper attention.”
Marco Bicego Turquoise Ring

Marco Bicego Turquoise Ring



Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Genuine Turquoise Necklace


Only one piece of turquoise jewelry can enhance and embellish any attire.

Glittering Gold

Gold color is back in to the fashion world! Spending many years in the jewelry business, we do not think it disappeared, but this year on the most famous runways, fashion designers and superstar style were shining a graceful line of gold, more than ever before.



Jennifer Lawrence sparks in gold gowns


Status Symbol

People to define themselves use gold providing power and control. Gold is a symbol of high standing. The use of gold dates back to prehistoric Egypt when the Egyptians well-thought-out gold to be a representation of the sun and therefore the flawless metal. Gold is associated with wealth, vivacity, sparkle, authority, self-confidence and wisdom.

Marco Bicego Gold Ring


Precious Cargo

Whether you wear a small symbol made of gold, such as a heart pendant on a chain, or a gold diamond engagement ring, or a bold bangle bracelet or solid necklace, protecting your gold jewelry correctly can help it to last forever. Here are some basic Do’s and Don’ts of caring for gold jewelry.


DO put makeup on before jewelry. Different types of makeups and hair care products can affect the look of your jewelry by staining and dulling the surface. Products like foundation, hair conditioners, hair spray and lotions should be applied with your rings and earrings off. Wash your hands carefully with a mild cleaner, and dry with a clean towel, before sliding your fingers into your amazing gold rings.


DO take off your precious metals when using detergents and cleaners. Removing your jewelry while you are performing housework, or doing laundry, gardening or washing the dishes can help to keep your gold jewelries brilliant lively. The same goes for swimming pools that use chlorine, which can overcast the surface of precious metals, turning the surface dull. Keep your jewelry safe by taking it off before swimming.

Amadon Gold Sanded Disc Drop Earrings


DO NOT use bleach or bleach products to clean your jewelry. A tough chemical, bleach can be harsh to your valuable gold jewelry. Instead, rinse the jewelry in warm water; avoid hot water, keep the temperature to tepid. Use special made cleaners from our Amidon Jewelers stores specifically created for jewelry care. Purchase a jewelry polishing cloth to polish your rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and pins. Avoid polishing precious metals with paper towels, which can scratch and damage the surface.


DO NOT forget to inspect frequently your jewelry for damages. Catching an issue early can help to prevent the problem from getting worse and will likely help you to preserve your precious piece of jewelry. Amidon Jewelers has an in-house experienced professional jeweler.

The Pearls of June

June is synonymous with so many pleasant things, like long warm summer days, backyard barbecues and lounging on the beach or at the pool. For those born in June the beautiful and elegant pearl, the birthstone of June, is also at the forefront of their minds.


Different from other gemstones, pearls are not cut or polished; instead they are created underwater in oysters, mussels and clams. As explains, “The scientific explanation for natural pearls is almost as mystifying as folklore.  When an irritant, such as a small parasite or a fish lodges in the flesh of an oyster, mussel, or clam, a protective substance called “nacre” is produced.  Over years, layer upon layer of shimmering nacre coats the intruder, creating a lustrous pearl.  Natural pearls are relatively rare, so a process evolved in which a piece of shell or bead was placed inside a mollusk to stimulate the production of nacre.  This results in a cultured pearl, which accounts for about 90 per cent of the pearl industry.”

Marco Bicego Africa Necklace With Pearls at Amidon Jewelers


The “Queen of Gems,” as the pearl is nicknamed, comes in a variety of colors, including white, black, pink, gray and yellow. Traditionally, only royalty wore pearls, but that is not the case today. “Only those with royal status once wore pearl jewelry, but eventually these gems were seen among all classes of people.  They continue to be viewed as a mark of taste and refinement as well as a symbol of purity, and they are often given to celebrate a marriage or the birth of a child.  Pearls are nature’s perfect gift, suitable for all ages, and elegantly worn with everything from jeans to an evening gown,” according to


Most cultured pearls are found in the coastal waters of Japan and Australia. Though for those divers seeking their own treasures, pearls can also be found in the Persian Gulf and the coasts of Panama, Venezuela and California.


You can find a wide variety of pearl rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets at Amidon Jewelers.


Marco Bicego Jaipur Ring With Mother Of Pearl


Marco Bicego Jaipur Bracelet with Mother Of Pearl


What’s Your Statement?

All around the world, women wear necklaces. Some are sentimental, like lockets with pictures of loved ones. Some are family heirlooms. Some pull together an ensemble. Some elevate an outfit from ordinary to eclectic. But all necklaces make a statement. Whether you’re a fan of the traditional statement necklace that stands out in a crowd, or you like a simple diamond pendant, we have the perfect piece for you.

We have a beautiful selection of glittery gemstone pendants, just in time for sundress weather. The simplicity of this White Gold and Blue Diamond pendant allows this piece to transition from the office to dinner out in the city.


Having a few jewelry staples during the summer can be invaluable. With a couple of favorite pieces, you have no farther to reach than your dresser to accessorize on a hot day, and it’s easier to pack for summer vacations when you don’t have to load up a bulky jewelry box. This Gold and Sterling Silver Elements Pendant is perfect with a pair of gold hoop earrings and will go with almost everything in your wardrobe.


Perhaps “forever” is the statement you’re making right now. The infinity symbol can signify friendship, love, or loyalty, and it’s a beautiful shape. Infinity pendants are very popular right now. Our Sterling Silver and Diamond Infinity Pendant is very similar to the one we’ve seen Reese Witherspoon wearing.

Script pendants are also extremely fashionable right now, and they seem to work both on and off of the red carpet, like Katy Perry’s look below. Give the gift of love, with this beautiful Sterling Silver and Diamond “Love” pendant.

Finally, for a statement that’s also a true treasure, this Marco Bicego Gold and Mother of Pearl necklace is a brilliant gift, to yourself or to someone you love.  The timeless pearls will always be in style, and it will look beautiful with any of your fine clothes.

Whatever your statement is, at Amidon Jewelers we’re sure to help you make it!

Woo-Who for Dr. Seuss!

With March right around the corner, it’s time to prepare for all the March birthdays you have coming your way. Among March birthdays is one you may not even know about – Dr. Seuss! Born March 2, 1904, Dr. Seuss became well known for over 45 children’s books. Did you know, however, that Dr. Seuss was saving his birth name, Theodor Seuss Geisel, for a “Great American Novel” he hoped to write?

Amidon Jewelers is proud to offer a whimsical, beautiful selection of jewelry we believe even Dr. Seuss would enjoy seeing his fun characters wearing. Besides our gorgeous selection of engagement rings with their stunning white diamonds of many shapes and sizes, we also carry remarkable pieces showcasing multi-colored gemstones. Whether for your finger or ears, neck or wrist, who of the Whos could deny their beauty?

In both the book and movie versions of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” we saw snowflakes falling on Whoville, which itself was nestled deep inside a snowflake. Imagine if the snowflakes had had magnificent pearls like these Freshwater Pearl earrings have mixed in?



In our opinion, “Happy Birthday to You” by Dr. Seuss would have had the perfect wall or present decoration if adorned by gold drops and colorful gemstones such as those on this Marco Bicego necklace. A perfect, whimsical collection of colors and elegance, you’ll show your sense of style and fun while wearing this necklace around your neck!


“Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” What if the rings on the front cover had been made of the links on Marco Bicego’s Jaipur bracelet? We know you could wear this bracelet on the go, whether at work, school, a night on the town, or an evening on the red carpet!



Had the subject of the book been jewelry and not fish, we’re certain Dr. Seuss could have named it, “One Wish, Two Wish, Red Wish, Blue Wish.” Adorned with Mother of Pearl, Green Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline, Blue Topaz or a variety of other gemstones, these organically imperfect gorgeous March Bicego rings will have people pointing at you for sure!

In the Jim Carrey movie version of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, we saw neighbors competing to have the best decorated house for Christmas in terms of quantity and quality of lights. What if, however, the competition had been for the best engagement ring? When she grows up, we have no doubt that Cindy Loo Who would be head over heels for this A. Jaffe engagement ring! Seventy-two diamonds of 0.51ctw are set along the twisted band to display the center stone. Woo-Who!!!


Whether honoring Dr. Seuss or that special someone in your life, remember Amidon Jewelers has perfect beautifully whimsical jewelry pieces to round out anybody’s jewelry collection!