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Bridesmaids’ Gifts; a Little Bling for your Best Gal Pals

Spring is here, and that means…wedding season!  If you happen to be among the lucky ladies planning to marry your Prince Charming this spring or summer, first of all, congratulations!  And secondly, you’ve got work to do.  Planning a wedding is consuming stuff, so let us help you get one big item checked off your miles-long to-do list with this season’s hottest bridesmaids’ gifts.

Nina Nguyen - Gifts for Bridesmaids

Nina Nguyen – Gifts for Bridesmaids

Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets are always fun, and this year they’re one of spring’s hottest trends in jewelry.  A chunky bangle bracelet makes a bold statement, while layering multiple bangles crafted of different elements allows for a completely custom look that you can personalize for your bridesmaids, while leaving them with a fun and stylish memento from your big day.

Charms and Pendants

Your bridesmaids are your best girlfriends; you’ve got stories, you’ve got history, you know one another’s secrets and passions…why not honor your special friendship with a charm commemorating a shared experience or a particular love?  If your bridesmaids already have charm bracelets, add a special charm to the collection.  If not, this is a great opportunity for all of you to start a new tradition.  An added bonus to giving your bridesmaids charm bracelets is that you’ll always have a go-to gift for future occasions with new charms.

Charms and pendants are also an excellent opportunity to personalize your bridesmaids’ gifts.  Custom engraving is available on a wide variety of charms, pendants and bracelets, and this is a great way to add a personal sentiment to bridesmaids’ gifts.

Colored Gemstones

Your best gal pals are a colorful bunch!  And so adding a pop of color to their wedding day attire with a gift of fancy colored gemstones seems quite appropriate, doesn’t it?  Not to mention a stylish option, as colorful gemstones happen to be another of this spring’s hottest jewelry trends.  Semi-precious colored gemstones are a very budget friendly alternative to diamond jewelry in most cases, while still providing ample bling for your bridesmaids.

Now, take a deep breath – that’s one more item to check off of your wedding planning to-do list.  Granted, the list is still probably pretty long, but that’s what you’ve got those girlfriends for, right?  The secret to successful wedding planning is plenty of help and support.  So gather up your besties, get that list checked off, and thank them with a gift of jewelry.

Show Mom She’s More Precious than a Diamond this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th.  Are you prepared to show Mom just how important she is? It’s difficult to put a “value” on what our mothers mean to us all, but the value of a diamond is universally recognizable.  Why not show Mom she’s even more precious than the most universally valued of Mother Nature’s creations this Mother’s Day, with the gift of diamond jewelry?

Diamond Pendant For Mom!

Diamond Pendant For Mom!

Traditional Mother’s Day jewelry can take many forms, with the classic Mother’s ring or pendant topping the list of most desirable gemstone jewelry.  But diamonds can make a mom feel pretty special, too, especially when they come in the form of a well-thought-out and heartfelt Mother’s Day gift.  Moms are renowned for their “it’s the thought that counts” philosophy.  While that’s wonderful in the days of our youth, bringing home handmade cards and macaroni portraits, now that you’re an adult, she may (rightfully) expect a little more consideration.

A pendant, earrings, or diamond tennis bracelet all make great Mother’s Day gifts.  It’s a great idea to collaborate with siblings, if possible, to expand the budget and get Mom a truly impressive piece of diamond jewelry.

If your mom’s not really the diamond type (Really?) – or if she already has plenty of diamond jewelry (Too many diamonds?  No such thing…) – then you might want to consider alternative gemstone jewelry.  Spring is upon us, after all, and bright, sparkling pastel gemstones such as amethyst, citrine and blue topaz compliment the season, as well as spring wardrobes, nicely.

So, how do you choose a piece of fine jewelry for Mother’s Day that’s sure to “wow” her?  If you’re unfamiliar with diamond and gemstone jewelry, it’s true it can be a little intimidating, but never fear.  It’s just jewelry shopping – not rocket science.  Though, naturally, you want to know that you’re getting the most value for your money (Mom taught you to be a responsible consumer, after all.)

The first step is to choose a reputable jewelry store, whether that be a local shop or online.  It’s simple enough to evaluate a jewelry website and research customer reviews, and know that you’re dealing with a trustworthy retailer.

The next step is to step back and think about your mom.  What’s her favorite color?  What’s her style?  Which piece of diamond or gemstone jewelry is the one that’s really going to make her face light up?  Regardless, she’s going to be delighted – it’s the thought that counts, after all – but you’ll know you’ve outdone the macaroni artwork when she continually wears her new diamond or gemstone jewelry.  We still recommend the handmade Mother’s Day card.

Mark the Milestones: Teen Jewelry

As you watch your children grow, you take photos, make videos and create as many lasting memories as possible. You can easily create memories for those children that they will never forget by marking their milestones with gifts of teen jewelry. Here are just a few ideas:


Teen Jewelry - Initial Pendant

Teen Jewelry – Initial Pendant

You received her baby ring from your mother on the day she was born. Of course, as an infant, your precious daughter never wore the ring but you have it, still in its box hidden away in your sock drawer. Next week, that “baby” is turning thirteen, which is a huge milestone in her young life. Why not visit your local jeweler and pick out a nice gold chain necklace for her to wear, with the baby ring as a pendant? She’s a responsible young lady and would truly appreciate a sentimental piece as her first piece of teen jewelry.


If your son or daughter are nearing the biggest birthday of their lives, their Sweet 16, there are many changes about to happen. Here comes the driver’s license and a newfound freedom that you’ve dreaded for years. But this is a milestone for your children. Mark the memory for them with teen jewelry. Your 16-year old son would certainly appreciate a designer watch that you secretly hope will keep him on time for curfews. And your daughter’s first pair of diamond earrings will have you in her good graces for months!


Those examples are just that…examples. There are many varieties of teen jewelry to choose from that will mark your children’s milestones and likely be one of the more precious gifts you give. You don’t have to break the bank by buying expensive pieces as there are plenty of choices of perfectly affordable teen jewelry. Many young men appreciate a valuable ID bracelet or plain gold chain bracelet. Many young women will be thrilled by gemstone earrings or the first of many charms for a charm bracelet.


These are your children. You know what they have liked so far in life so be sure to take that into consideration when shopping for teen jewelry. If you son is into music and loves to “bling” it out, he may be game for CZ teen jewelry, a more affordable but valuable substitute for diamonds. Your daughter is active in sports and not likely to fully appreciate the more “dainty” jewelry. Be sure to choose the right teen jewelry for your teen and it’s likely they will never forget it.

Make This Valentine’s Day Special for Your Kids

When our children were small, Valentine’s Day was simple. We gave chocolates, maybe a stuffed animal or toy and that was it. Now that those children are growing into young adults, Valentine’s Day gift ideas are a bit more difficult to come by. The answer is simple: Teen Jewelry.


Message Jewelry for Teens

Message Jewelry for Teens

In today’s jewelry market, the available variety of teen and children’s jewelry is more vast than ever before. The ongoing popularity of charm bracelets offers a Valentine’s Day gift idea that is sure to please any young lady. Pandora Charm bracelets have taken the world of fine jewelry by storm over the past decade or so, offering bead charms of nearly every interest you can imagine from sea turtles to the Eiffel Tower. Whatever your young lady might be into can be found in a Pandora Charm Bracelet bead. Another benefit to the gift of a charm bracelet is that it is a gift that keeps on giving. You can give different beads and charms as the special young lady in your life grows and her interests change.

Of course, young women always appreciate a new pair of diamond earrings or a birthstone ring, or the time tested and highly popular gift of a heart-shaped gold locket.


Let’s not leave out the young man in your life. As he grows toward manhood, fine jewelry can be a vital part of his image. Especially today, when “bling” is all the rage, most young men will appreciate a designer watch or gold chain necklace. Even a trendy “dog tag” necklace may be a super Valentine’s Day gift idea for your growing boy. Another popular choice for the fellows is a classic ID bracelet or for those with pierced ears, a nice diamond stud or pair of affordable diamond earrings may be the perfect gift.


As we watch our children grow into adults, it becomes increasingly harder to find the right gift to satisfy an often hard-to-please teen. Affordable fine jewelry is one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gift ideas for teens and young adults and can create memories that will last a lifetime. So this Valentine’s Day, as your son’s voice squeaks and your daughter can’t get off of the phone, keep in mind that affordable fine jewelry is often the best Valentine’s Day gift idea you could have.

Heirloom Jewelry Value Far More Than Monetary

When your mother handed you the most valued jewelry piece in her collection, her mother’s gold heart-shaped locket, tears flowed from your eyes. For decades, your mother has told you the story of the day she was given the locket, and how only weeks later, your grandmother passed on and your mother has cherished the piece since. You clutch it close to your heart, looking deeply into the eyes of your aging mother as she tells you to take great care of the family heirloom. You tell her there is nothing you will care for more. In the back of your mind, your thoughts turn to your own daughter, and a future gift.


Heirloom Quality Jewelry at Amidon Jewelers

Heirloom Quality Jewelry at Amidon Jewelers

While you have a tradition started by generations before you, anyone can turn a valued piece of fine jewelry into an heirloom piece. Certainly, we’ve all heard about antique pocket watches passed on from generation to generation, and many families continue to use engagement rings and wedding bands worn by an ancestor, but any valuable, fine jewelry can become an emotionally valuable and cherished heirloom.


Wedding sets are a very popular choice for many people hoping to create a generational heirloom. Women’s diamond engagement rings and wedding bands right alongside men’s wedding bands can easily be passed along to increase the meaning of an engagement and wedding. Passing an engagement ring to a daughter or son when the time comes is a long standing tradition in many families around the world. In fact, many brides and grooms claim that, as they exchanged rings, they felt the presence of the long passed relatives who had worn the wedding rings for a lifetime.


Valuable timepieces, pocket and wrist watches, have long been traditional heirloom pieces. While pocket watches have lessened in popularity in the past few decades and wrist watches have become more of a fashion statement than a functional timepiece, the value of antique and family heirloom watches continues to increase. Many jewelers offer maintenance and watch repair services to keep that family heirloom ticking for years to come.


Brooches and pins are more popular jewelry items often passed from generation to generation. Through history, many high end jewelers and artisans created such pieces with heirloom hopes in mind. In today’s market, you can find the same type of unique and valuable brooches and pins that will serve well to begin your own tradition.

The History of Ornamental Jewelry

There are dozens of occasions that we mark with gifts of fine jewelry, although sometimes we don’t think of these things as being connected with the idea of rituals. Some of them make a lot of sense – engagement rings commemorating the commitment to get married, and wedding bands to symbolize the cementing of that bond. Others might be a little less common – taking a teenager to get their ears pierced when they turn thirteen, for example, which was a tradition in my own family. Sometimes, these fine jewelry pieces are specific – pendants to mark the passing of loved ones are a common one. Other times, it’s more about having the piece itself. Consider the upscale ornamental crown pieces used in British coronation rituals. There have been dozens of crowns historically, some only used once or twice. What was important was that there was a crown, not so much whose crown it was.

Begin your own story at Amidon Jewelers

Begin your own story at Amidon Jewelers


Many cultures have very specific rules regarding jewelry and coming of age rituals and have employed these traditions for decades. In the San Carlos Apache Native American culture, there is a religious coming of age ceremony that draws on ancient mythology and involves the wearing of a ritual crown and other ceremonial jewelry that are worn only for the occasion itself. The tradition of jewelry and ritual is not limited to any one type of transitional celebration, and certainly is not just for the living. Consider the way that Egyptians would decorate their dead, creating entire elaborate fine jewelry pieces and ornate masks to mark the occasion, for just one example of how jewelry has been used throughout history to honor the living and the dead.

Many of us unconsciously mark exciting events in our lives with gifts. Mother’s Day is an occasion to buy fine jewelry and flowers, and that tends to hold true for birthdays as well, especially big markers like 30, 40, etc. There is certainly no doubt that fine jewelry has always occupied a very magical and special place in human history, and continues to thrive in that space between ritual tradition and spontaneity even in the modern age. The history is as rich as it is long, with incredible diverse variations as well as striking similarities in cultures all across the world. It seems that human beings have always recognized the power of ornamental fine jewelry pieces, and that is something that has not changed.


A Pearl Primer

Pearls are incomparable. They bring an element of glamour and classic style to any outfit they accessorize. However, few people understand the complexity of pearl harvesting, grading and sales. The industry has some marked differences from other fine jewelry categories. Whether you are shopping for a set of pearls for yourself or someone you love, or inheriting a family heirloom that includes pearls, a little background information on pearls certainly adds to the appreciation of the jewelry itself.

Pearl Sets Amidon Jewelers

Pearl Sets Amidon Jewelers

Pearls have been classics in the jewelry industry for centuries, and have been considered high class accessories for much longer than other favored jewelry pieces, including diamonds and other cut gemstones. Perhaps the most famous pearl in the world is La Peregrina. This pearl was found by an African slave in the mid-16th century, and, after many owners of royalty over the years, was later purchased by American actor Richard Burton as a gift for his then-wife Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor wore the pearl, which dangled elegantly from a choker for years – both onscreen and off – until she passed in 2014. After her passing, it was sold for over $10 million. The royal and celebrity history of this pearl would be more than enough to justify the extravagant cost, but the quality of the pearl itself was incomparable.

In fact, at the time it was discovered off the coast of Spain, La Peregrina was the largest pearl ever discovered. The record has since been surpassed by Pearl of Lau Tzu, which measures 9.45 inches in diameter to La Peregrina’s 1 inch in diameter. Size isn’t the only factor that determines the value of a pearl, though. La Peregrina excelled in many other categories as well. This includes shape, luster, and surface cleanliness. All are factored into the final grade of a pearl, which ranges from A, AA, and AAA, increasing in value respectively (although some sellers will grade on an ‘A to D’ grading system, most rely on this ‘Triple A’ scale to communicate overall worth).

Pearls hold a very special place in the world of fine jewelry. Of course, looking at the beauty of a well-developed pearl puts it all into perspective. Pearls lend an air of classic beauty to your look, and are a fashion statement that goes an incredibly long way. Pearls convey a strong independence and grace that just cannot be recreated by diamonds or other gemstones. Maybe that is why they have been celebrated throughout history and across cultures as symbols of wealth and status. Find the perfect pearl for your collection today.



Keeping The Family Heirloom Ticking

One of the most enduring symbols of a family that is connected is the family watch, passed down from generation to generation. Even as the world changed, first with the introduction of digital watches and then supplanted almost completely by the clocks that are part of cell phones, people still held on to these family heirlooms. Unfortunately, the biggest challenge often confronted by family members was finding skilled technicians that specialized in watch repair when the watches broke down. It would be disheartening to pass down something that was now just a symbol and not a working watch, but those feelings were tempered by the concerns over who to trust with the watch.


Amidon Jewelers - Put us to the test

Amidon Jewelers – Put us to the test


The art of watch repair fell out of flavor as the digital watch revolution was coupled with a shift in society towards more disposable items. When the cost of replacing something became less than the cost of repairing it, there was little incentive for people to learn the trade. Repair shops of all kinds began to close up shop, and those that survived did so by becoming a “Jack of all trades” establishment. It was not uncommon to see a shop that specialized in repairing electronics and appliances also advertising their watch repair services as well.


The trouble with such an establishment is that watches require specific tools and parts to keep working properly. It is easy to imagine that repairing something so small and yet with so many moving parts has almost nothing in common with replacing the belt on a dryer or rebuilding the motor on a vacuum cleaner. The only option left for people was to try and contact the original watch manufacturer and hope that they had somehow survived the collapse of the industry and could perform the work needed. If a person was lucky enough to find the business in question, they would then have to spend several anxious months while the watch was away.


The drive over the last several years towards custom design jewelry has created a new crop of trained professionals proficient in the art of watch repair. Many of them train directly with the companies that created the watch and are equipped with the proper tools. In just a matter of weeks they can restore the watch that has been in the family for generations back to its original glory.


Going Back To School Shopping

It seems like every year the “back to school” ads start running earlier and earlier. Shopping for actual supplies can be a pain for my daughter, because she doesn’t want to acknowledge that school is starting soon, but for the clothing part of it, I feel like we spend all summer going to the mall or perusing websites, trying to find her the latest fashion. This year my husband and I decided that fashion would include a diamond necklace.


Phantom 105 Pendant with 105 faceted center diamond

Phantom 105 Pendant with 105 faceted center diamond

We have always been (what we think) fair but firm when it came to issues like wearing makeup and jewelry, the type of clothing she wears, how she styles her hair, you know, all the typical things that lead to arguments between parents and teenaged daughters. We let her pierce her ears when she was younger, but did not give her a pair of diamond earrings until she was thirteen. For us, it was a big step because it gave her a chance to display how responsible she was.


She proved to be even more responsible than we thought. Not only did she not lose the diamond earrings, she took better care of them than I do my own fine diamond jewelry. She found that the jewelry store we bought them from offers jewelry cleaning services, so twice a year, she would have us take her downtown so they could be cleaned and inspected to make sure nothing had happened to them.


Seeing how good she was with her earrings made buying her a diamond necklace a no-brainer. She turned sixteen over the summer, and I could tell she was a little disappointed that we did not give her any diamond jewelry as a gift. That was because my husband and I were waiting. We felt that part of the reason for giving the gift was because she was growing up, and as such, she should have some say in the style of diamond necklace. So last Saturday when we were out shopping, we told her we had one more stop. When we parked in front of the jewelry store, she hugged us both and said we were the greatest parents ever. We’ll see how long that lasts, but she did pick out a beautiful diamond necklace.


Shopping For A Bridal Shower

(Finding Fun Bridal Gifts To Help A Friend Smile.)


It’s kind of funny that for as much as people dream about getting married, when the time actually comes, they stress out like they’re applying for a mortgage and trying to earn their driver’s license at the same time. My cousin is getting married this August and after the bridal shower she had, full of uptight relatives and a barely breathing bride, I knew I had to do something to help her relax in the middle of it all. Fortunately, we live in the same town, so when I found a weekend in June we had off together, I told her not to make plans. Then I called every fun friend I knew.


Whimsical Diamond Arrow Pendant

Whimsical Diamond Arrow Pendant

The good thing is that even though the two of us aren’t super close, we spent enough time as kids so when there was a gap between parties – and that’s kind of what it was – we still had fun talking about her wedding, the diamond engagement rings her fiancé had looked at and the wedding bands they were settling on. In between old heart to hearts, my friends and I took her out to one fun night spot after another, the only rule being her phone was off limits (I had told her fiancé before that she would be home late, but not to worry).


The night ended at an all-night diner, the six of us having breakfast and coffee and being very thankful we didn’t have to work in the morning. That was when I gave her what I think was the favorite bridal gift of all. It was a simple pendant, just a gold chain and a dolphin, but I remembered from when we were kids and she talked about how beautiful they were. I told her when she opened it that I didn’t expect her to wear it all the time, but rather let it be a reminder about all of the fun parts of who she was in the middle of the stress.


She laughed and put it on immediately, saying she was probably going to need that reminder every day between now and the wedding.