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January Garnets are Gorgeous

Congratulations, you made it through the holiday bustle, but maybe you are one of those people who has a loved one that has a January birthday. It is a common lament of those with a January birthday, especially one that comes at the beginning of the month, that their birthday celebration is usually toned down as a result of post-holiday recovery. This year, if you’ve not already, do something different for that special someone and give them the personalized gift of the garnet birthstone.


The garnet has rich and beautiful history; here is a quick list of garnet factoids.


Nerd Facts:


  1. There are six common garnet species.
      • Uvarovite: typically a bright green
      • Pyrope: Purplish-red when cross-bred with Almandite.
      • Grossularite: pink, orange – cinnamon brown is called Hessonite. The Tsavorite variation refers to the dark green color.
      • Almandite: variations of this type of garnet are best used as an abrasive, such as in sandpaper.
      • Andradite: carries titanium and is black, Damantoid is a rich green variety.
      • Spessarite: Red through shades of orange when cross-bred with Pyrope.


  1. While there are many garnet mines across the United States the largest gem-quality mines are located throughout Africa.


Historical Facts:

  1. The name Garnet means seed, derived from the word ‘granatum,’ and resembled a pomegranate seed to the ancient people who mined them.
  2. References date back to 3100 B.C., when Egyptians used garnets for decorative inlays.
  3. Dating back to Roman civilization the garnet was often used in the rings of the elite and Roman Centurions.


Celebrity Birthdays in January:

From top left to right: Bradley Cooper, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Kate Middleton- Duchess of Cambridge, Naomi Judd. Bottom left to right: Oprah Winfrey, Mariska Hargitay, Richard Dean Anderson, Taye Diggs.


Speaking of Mariska Hargitay, back in 2008 she donned some beautiful, chandelier garnet earrings. Also, more recently, Kate Beckinsale wore a pair of equally flashy chandelier garnet earrings.


The fashion trend this past winter moved into celebrating jewel tones and while it was the emerald green that received the spotlight by designers, all jewel-tone colored accessories and clothes garnered a thumbs up on the runway.


As a result not only will a garnet gift to the January birthday lady in your life be personal, it will be beautiful and trend appropriate as well. Amidon Jewelers carries a matching ring and garnet hoop earrings in sterling silver with mother-of-pearl inlay. Both items hold the classic, blood red, garnet color that is most commonly recognized.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you check out our gorgeous gemstone jewelry collection  to help you find that ‘just right’ piece for someone special in your life.

8 Great Things About Fall

Wear the colors of fall with golden citrine earrings from Amidon.



Fall has officially fallen. Instead of missing the warm days of summer, it’s time to look ahead and anticipate the chillier pleasures of fall. So let’s turn our attention to the fun and the colors of turning leaves. Hey, they look kind of like rubies, citrine and topaz!


Time to get cozy.

Shake out your sweaters, find your favorite gloves, drape a soft scarf around your neck. Boot weather is here! If you have a fireplace in your house, stock up on wood.


The raking workout.

Who needs the gym when your yard is full of leaves? Get out your rake and feel your shoulders getting stronger. Plus you get that wholesome rosy glow on your cheeks from exercising in the cool air.


Apples! Pears!

It’s harvest time. Celebrate with fresh apples, pear sauce, or a mug of hot cider. Don’t forget the cinnamon and cloves.


Smells of autumn.

The crisp air and turning leaves bring along that special fall smell. It’s a mixture of leaves, rain and wood smoke. Breathe it in.


As the leaves turn red, wear this sparkling red garnet ring from Amidon.



Family times.

As we enter fall, the holiday season draws near. Think about the fun things you can do to celebrate with your special people, be they family or friends.


Goodwill towards humankind.

Maybe this is the year you’ll volunteer to serve a Thanksgiving meal to the needy, or organize a gift drive for a battered women’s shelter. Everybody can find somebody less fortunate to help. Sharing your love just makes your love grow bigger.



Whether you celebrate Halloween or harvest festival, it’s a time of year for games, treats and costumes. Explore your alter ego. Bob for apples. Play games at a harvest festival. Get lost in a corn maze.


Celebrate fall colors with rubies.



Letting Go.

As the leaves fall from the trees, maybe you can let go of a few things, too. Do you have too much stuff in your house? Donate useful goods to your favorite charity. Do you have negative patterns in your life that no longer serve you? Animosity or resentments towards people? Let that fall away, too, so you can lighten your heart and let more love and happiness in.




Fourth of July Fun and Safety

Amidon brings the sparkle in this sapphire and diamond ring.



Sun, picnicking and bombs bursting in air are all honored Fourth of July traditions. Amidon wants you to celebrate a safe and fun Independence Day this week. Follow our tips to maximize your good times and minimize holiday risks.


The sun is strong!

Wear sunscreen, and reapply frequently, especially after swimming or sweating. Many skin experts recommend using a sunscreen with zinc or titanium, which protect your skin by physically blocking pores. If you’re planning an outdoor party, be sure to include some shady spots for sun-sensitive guests.


Be careful with fireworks.

If you live somewhere you can legally set off fireworks and plan to have your own pyrotechnic show, keep them far from people’s houses, cars or dry grass. Camping and fireworks do not mix! Nor do alcohol and fireworks. We recommend leaving fireworks to the professionals and enjoying official fireworks programs with your family, friends, and the rest of your town or city.

Gorgeous garnets in silver from Amidon

Respect the flag.

If you’re displaying the American flag, follow traditional guidelines. The flag is displayed from sunrise to sunset. If you’re going to fly the flag at night, it should be properly illuminated. When hanging your flag, keep in mind that the field of stars should be on the upper left-hand side. Don’t ever let your flag touch the floor, water, ground, or anything else beneath it.


Value your health.

The Fourth of July is about celebrating our independence from Great Britain and all the things America stands for. It’s not about ruining your health with junk food. While some junk is sure to be consumed, plan to include healthful dishes at your Fourth of July party. Try healthy versions of traditional favorites, such as a Mediterranean spin on potato salad where you substitute heart-healthy olive oil for mayonnaise.

Wear red, white and blue.

Amidon brings you diamonds and rubies set in white gold.



Show your Independence Day spirit in a blue tank top and red shorts, or a red and white dress set off with blue jewelry. Sapphires and garnets set in white gold are closest to the colors of the flag’s stripes, but rubies or sterling silver will look good, too. And, of course, diamonds match everything and have a sparkle reminiscent of fireworks. Amidon can help out with the perfect Fourth of July jewelry, such as this gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring or these garnet earrings.



Whatever you do on the Fourth, have fun, be safe, wear your patriotic jewelry, and be glad for the opportunities America provides!




Cupid’s Gift Ideas

Depending on the story you refer to, Cupid has various roots, dating back thousands of years. In Greek mythology, Cupid was known as Eros, the son of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. In Roman mythology, Cupid was the son of Venus. Jealous of human Psyche’s beauty, Venus sent Cupid to make Psyche fall in love with a poor man. Taken back by her beauty himself, Cupid accidentally dropped his arrow, shooting himself in the foot and falling in love with her himself.

Today, most of us know Cupid as the little chubby baby who begins occupying our local grocery stores shortly after Christmas. Luckily for the staff of Amidon Jewelers, we know where the REAL Cupid resides. He’s right here, helping our customers purchase the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for our love-struck customers. We can’t guarantee that it wasn’t his help that made you fall in love, but he will help you find the perfect gift now, and all year round.

How could Cupid possibly resist suggesting this bracelet, when it reminds him of hearts and arrows? You’ve won her heart and her hand, so now’s the time to decorate her wrist! White gold, diamonds and rubies are intertwined in this lovely bracelet.



The Garnet is known to be the stone symbolizing love and compassion, and it is also thought to increase passion. Cupid had no hesitation before recommending this Garnet and Diamond ring for your lady!

Are you ready to take the next step (if you haven’t already), and propose to your leading lady? Even Venus will be weeping tears of joy when she hears the news! While he knows you need to find a ring both you and your lady will love, Cupid can’t help but be partial to this stunner. A beautiful creation by True Romance, this beauty reminds Cupid of ancient times with the intricate decoration running up the band.

You may whisper sweet words in your lady’s ears all the time, but Cupid suggests giving her sweets to wear on her ears as well! These 14kt White Gold earrings are adorned with .50ct in diamonds, making them the richest kisses she’ll ever want to eat!

Cupid’s arrows sometimes take a wild journey to reach their intended victims, but in the, just like romance, the swirls, ups and downs are worth it. This gorgeous Imaya Silver Pendant is accented with diamonds, a feature your lovely won’t possibly miss.




Amidon Jewelers is very fortunate to have Cupid on hand to help you with your everyday jewelry shopping needs. As with any other holiday or special occasion, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff with any questions on your quest to find the perfect gift.

Garnets – Facts and Folklore of January’s Birthstone

Birthstones are as unique as the people who wear them. Officially recognized as January’s birthstone, the Garnet is no exception. When you shop from Amidon Jewelers for your Garnet jewelry, not only do you have a beautiful selection to choose from, but we’re as equally excited to provide you with some of the history and folklore associated with this gorgeous gemstone.

Named because of their similar shape, size and color to the seeds of a pomegranate, Garnet comes from the Latin word, “granatus”, meaning grain. Despite their similiarity to these seeds, however, you do not want to mistakenly find one between your teeth, as they range between 7.0 and 7.5 on Mohs Scale of Hardness. In comparison, Diamonds, the hardest gemstone, score a 10.0 on the Mohs Scale.

Found and mined in locations around the world including Australia, Brazil, Scotland and the United States, Garnets have been found in various colors besides red, which is the most common. Some of the ther colors include purple (Rhodolite), orange (Hessonite), green (Tsavorite), yellow, brown and black.

Garnets are attributed with having a number of healing and protective qualities. Historically, medicine men and healers have associated garnets with helping ease or remove the symptoms of arthritis, varicose veins and thyroid conditions. In addition, worn on a chain around the neck, they were believed to be able to regulate the heart and blood flow.

Does your marriage need an extra spark? Associated with the 2nd and 6th wedding anniversaries, Garnets were also believed to have a positive impact on intimacy issues.

Along with their healing qualities, Garnets are also thought to provide strength and protection. A business owner can place several Garnets on their desk which are believed to bring prosperity, and a garnet under your pillow is thought to be a cure for depression. Before embarking on a long journey, and long before the days of email and cellphones, friends would exchange Garnets to express their well wishes as well as their desire to be together again.

Whether you are a January baby or simply looking for a gorgeous Garnet piece to add to your collection, we are happy to assist you with your Garnet shopping.

Garnets, Diamonds and White Gold come together beautifully on this pair of earrings.




Perhaps you’re looking to regulate your heart and blood flow? While we’re unable to verify the credibility behind this folklore, we ARE able to verify the beauty of this Garnet and Diamond pendant.



This ring will grab attention when worn to toast a friend’s departure at your next going away party. While you may not wish to part with your ring, you’ll have a conversation starter when you mention how Garnets used to be exchanged rather than email addresses!