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Warm Up The Winter With Diamond Earrings

One of the most challenging parts of winter is that all of the fun stuff happens early. Winter isn’t even a week old when Christmas rolls around. New Year’s Eve follows just a week later and then – BANG – that’s it. Unless you’re a sports fan or a fanatic about Presidential birthdays, there really isn’t anything to help get you through a long cold winter. That is the perfect reason to surprise her with a gift of diamond earrings.


Phantom 105, 1CTTW Diamond Stud Earrings

Phantom 105, 1CTTW Diamond Stud Earrings

The most romantic reason to buy anyone a gift, especially a gift for that special someone in your life, has nothing to do with what the calendar says. Certainly, there are expectations to fulfill on birthdays and Christmas that are the perfect occasion for gold jewelry and diamond necklaces, but it is the unexpected gift that means the most. The pure surprise of an unexpected gift is a reward unto itself, and when she asks you why, you get to give her the best two word answer ever: “Just because.”


Just because: you love her and want her to have something special. Just because: you know how much she has always wanted a pair of diamond earrings. Just because: it’s been a long cold winter and you want to see her smile. Just because: she wore that new dress last week when you went out to dinner and you knew that a brand new pair of earrings would complete the outfit perfectly. Just because: you want to tell her thank you for sharing her life with you.


Diamond stud earrings are one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry out there. They are wildly versatile, going great with everything from jeans and a sweatshirt to that little black dress. They are, in fact, probably one of the few ideas, jewelry or otherwise, that a person could feel comfortable buying for their loved one without having to worry if it will be something they like or will go with what they already own. Love and passion are emotions of impulse and creativity. They are filled with surprise and wonder. Show her how deep your love is by surprising her this weekend with a beautiful new pair of diamond earrings.



Bargain Shopping For The Perfect Christmas Gifts

The holiday season is the perfect time for you to splurge on gifts for those people in your life you care most about. It may seem a bit difficult to choose gifts for each and every single person on your list this year, but as long as you spend the time to do a little shopping and brainstorming, you will find something that is just right for each of them. Finding some sales should be very easy, especially if you get an early start on your shopping! There will be many Christmas jewelry specials going on in jewelry stores all over your town. The best time to begin your shopping is right after Thanksgiving. Black Friday has turned into an absolute madhouse that starts on Thanksgiving Day instead of Friday. This is a heated debate topic among retail stores and their employees. No one wants to work on Thanksgiving Day because they should be spending time with their loved ones instead. However, now this is the biggest day ever for retail stores all over the United States. These huge chains can find employees to work since people are anxious to save up money for the holidays.


Le Vian Earrings At Amidon Jewelry

Le Vian Earrings At Amidon Jewelry

Probably the most important gift you will buy every year is the one for your significant other. This could be the perfect opportunity to get her that very special gift you have been thinking about for quite some time. If you are ready to take your relationship to the next level, then you will certainly be able to find some great deals on engagement rings and maybe even custom design jewelry. It all depends on your gal’s personal taste. If you do not have any idea what kind of ring she would like, you can always enlist the help of one of her close friends. They should have a good idea about what kind of jewelry she likes. The engagement ring is very important because she will wear it for the rest of her life. However, if you are not able to afford the ring she has always dreamt of wearing, you can always buy it later down the road as an anniversary gift or another special occasion. As long as you treat her with love and respect, she will be happy with whatever jewelry you buy her.


If you are not ready to take the plunge and get her a wonderful piece of jewelry then you can always get her a nice necklace or bracelet or earrings.

The Holiday Season Means Time to Go Shopping For Diamond Jewelry

If you are the kind of person who waits until the absolute last minute to do your Christmas, birthday or Valentine’s Day shopping, then you should find a jeweler and get to know them! No matter how long you wait to make the purchase, the local jewelry store will always have a great selection of diamond jewelry to buy that special person in your life. From diamond earrings to stunning bracelets, you will find something she will love and adore for the rest of her life. Just about every girl on earth would love to see a tiny little box wrapped up under the Christmas tree containing a stunning new piece of jewelry to add to her collection. If she would not enjoy that, then you have a special breed of woman on your hands!

The Perfect Gift, Martini Diamond Solitaire Earrings

The Perfect Gift, Martini Diamond Solitaire Earrings


Diamond jewelry has always been very sentimental, romantic and special. There is just no better way to show your love for another person than by giving them a gorgeous pair of earrings, bracelet or even a ring. In modern society, it is very common for a man to give a woman a diamond ring when he asks for her hand in marriage. Couples typically exchange diamond wedding bands on their wedding day, as well. Marriage is the pinnacle of romance, love and commitment, so it says a lot that diamonds are involved in this process.

In case you are not planning on getting married in the near future or you are not even close to dropping down on one knee and proposing, it does not mean you cannot splurge this Christmas. Everyone has a mother, some have sisters, and these ladies would certainly love a piece of jewelry that means so much to them. Some women wait their entire lives to receive a piece of diamond jewelry, while other women never receive any at all. The most meaningful jewelry is always from someone you love and care about, no matter what. In this crazy world in which we live, sometimes that means family only for some people. Family is very important and should be because they are your support network throughout your life. If you cannot rely on the people you have known for your entire life, then who can you rely on? The moral of the story is, there is always someone to buy diamond jewelry for.



Find Some Colored Loose Diamonds For Your Holiday Jewelry

Loose diamonds come in a variety of colors. Your jeweler will likely have many of these colored certified loose diamonds on display when you enter their store. Depending on the kind of jewelry you are hoping to design, you will have many choices when it comes to the colored stones you will use to decorate this item. These colored diamonds make perfect accents to some holiday jewelry.

Fancy Colored Blue Diamond Earrings

Fancy Colored Blue Diamond Earrings

Loose diamonds are formed deep within the earth by Mother Nature herself. These beautiful rocks endure some pretty extreme conditions before being thrust toward the earth’s surface via volcanic eruption. It is hard to believe something so gorgeous can be the result of such treacherous conditions. Extreme heat and pressure no living being could ever withstand are to be credited with the formation of these stones. Carbon atoms form very cohesive bonds when exposed to these conditions. Their intricate lattice bonds make them the hardest naturally formed material on the earth. The atoms for a protective layer around them and are called rough loose diamonds. It isn’t until a professional diamond cutter gets his or her hands on the rough diamond that the stone becomes cut and polished to sparkle in all of its beauty. Then the diamonds are sold to distributors who will, in turn, sell them to you and me.

Now that you know how the loose diamonds are formed in the earth, we will now explore how these stones become colorful. Most people prefer white diamonds. A perfectly white diamond is colorless. Flawless and colorless diamonds are extremely rare and boast an expensive price tag. Most of the white diamonds you see on your friends’ jewelry and in the jewelry store has some tint of brown or yellow even if you cannot see it with your own two eyes. Essentially, colored diamonds are flawed diamonds and are not as valuable as their colorless counterparts. However, when it comes to loose diamonds, it all depends on your personal taste.

The color of a diamond is determined during the formation process when the diamond is deep under our feet. For example, if the carbon atoms are exposed to boron during the formation process, these loose diamonds will take on a blue tint. Depending on the levels of boron, the diamond will be very blue, barely blue and everything in between. Another example is a black diamond. These diamonds are not typically black the entire way through. The reason they are black is because of the many imperfections within the stone.



Diamond Earrings Are The Ultimate Accessory

A game that a lot of people like to play is a variation on “The Desert Island” motif: if you were stranded on a desert island, what is the one (fill in the blank) you would bring with you? Obviously this is a game of fantasy, because if I was stranded on a desert island I would me more worried about how to survive the island, if not escape, than I would be what music I would be listening to or what one food I had to eat. That being said, if I were stranded on a desert island and I could only have one piece of jewelry with me, what would it be? That’s easy. The same type of jewelry I would want no matter where I am: diamond earrings.

Diamond Earrings

To understand the practicality behind my choice, instead of thinking about a desert island, imagine you have to pack quickly for a weekend get-away. Your husband or boyfriend comes home and surprises you, telling you that you’re leaving in thirty minutes. Other than yes or no to a bathing suit, he doesn’t give you any other clues what to bring. This means you need to either pack every piece of fine jewelry you have, or pick the one diamond accessory that you know will work no matter where you wind up.


I like all types of diamond jewelry, because no matter what the occasion, there is a diamond bracelet or diamond necklace that matches it perfectly. It could be a fancy Friday night on the town or a casual Sunday morning brunch, a long day at the office or an afternoon running errands, and there is undoubtedly some piece of fine diamond jewelry in my collection that will fit. However, if I had to get rid of all of it and just keep one item, the perfect item for everything, from my little black dress to my favorite jeans and T-shirt, is a simple but elegant pair of stud diamond earrings. I’ve discovered that they go so well with everything that I will put them on first thing in the morning, just in case I don’t have time to accessorize later. That way I know, if nothing else, my ears will always look great.



Get Your Own ‘Look’ Of The Oscars

Wow! The celebs looked fabulous at this year’s Academy Awards and their jewelry certainly helped round out their looks. We’re going to feature some of the most amazing looks and show you how Amidon Jewelers can help you acquire the same look, for significantly less, in most cases.


First up, Charlize Theron. This woman never misses a beat when it comes to looking well-coiffed and stunning. Her loaner, Harry Winston diamond drop necklace is reported to be worth $15 Million.

Dainty, simple and affordable at only $79, this triple-ended freshwater drop pearl necklace set in sterling silver will garner the similar fashion awe, but without the debit to your pocket-book.


Another statement was made by Anna Kendrick, with her diamond cocktail ring and bright red clutch.


Another affordable option from Amidon Jewelers is this sterling silver, antique fashioned diamond ring for only $129 with .05 total carat weight in diamonds.


Jessica Biel, whose birthday is in March, donned her birthstone in beautiful emerald-cut aquamarine drop earrings designed by Tiffany & Co. worth $45,000.


Amidon Jewelers has some splendid diamond earrings in white gold for a mere $1,199.00.

Penelope Cruz was another stunner walking down the red carpet with a lovely up-do with chandelier drop earrings to make a beautiful, uncluttered statement of elegance.


These triple-drop, freshwater pearl earrings are pretty with a simplistic and timeless look that will really set off any neckline, especially when wearing an up-do hairstyle.


Viola Davis walked down the red carpet in an amazing green gown wearing a crystal, contemporary, cuff for her fashion statement that evening.


Sara Blaine is an emerging artist who eleven years ago started her own business of luxury designer jewelry. She is a pro at selecting semi-precious gems and designing creations that are handcrafted by Bali artisans. Stop in and see what designs Amidon Jewelers has available, here are some examples of her collections.


Anne Hathaway’s dress may be debatable on whether it ranked in the category of ‘stunning’ as it looks like someone got a little carried away with their ‘As-Seen-On-TV’ BeDazzler gun, but one thing is for sure, her diamond bracelets are classics; Neil Lane, 100 total carat weight, diamond and platinum baubles for a cool $1Mill.


Amidon Jewelers offers many of their bracelets in yellow, white and two-tone gold, you just need to call us to check availability. For example, there is this stunning in-line tennis bracelet for a pithy, by comparison to Anne’s wrist decor, $4,700.


Check out all of our elite designers here or stop by Amidon Jewelers here and see how we can help you turn your jewelry box into a treasure chest of goodies that will turn all your outfits into finished masterpieces. One of our TAX-FREE New Hampshire’s premier jewelers. 

8 Great Things About Fall

Wear the colors of fall with golden citrine earrings from Amidon.



Fall has officially fallen. Instead of missing the warm days of summer, it’s time to look ahead and anticipate the chillier pleasures of fall. So let’s turn our attention to the fun and the colors of turning leaves. Hey, they look kind of like rubies, citrine and topaz!


Time to get cozy.

Shake out your sweaters, find your favorite gloves, drape a soft scarf around your neck. Boot weather is here! If you have a fireplace in your house, stock up on wood.


The raking workout.

Who needs the gym when your yard is full of leaves? Get out your rake and feel your shoulders getting stronger. Plus you get that wholesome rosy glow on your cheeks from exercising in the cool air.


Apples! Pears!

It’s harvest time. Celebrate with fresh apples, pear sauce, or a mug of hot cider. Don’t forget the cinnamon and cloves.


Smells of autumn.

The crisp air and turning leaves bring along that special fall smell. It’s a mixture of leaves, rain and wood smoke. Breathe it in.


As the leaves turn red, wear this sparkling red garnet ring from Amidon.



Family times.

As we enter fall, the holiday season draws near. Think about the fun things you can do to celebrate with your special people, be they family or friends.


Goodwill towards humankind.

Maybe this is the year you’ll volunteer to serve a Thanksgiving meal to the needy, or organize a gift drive for a battered women’s shelter. Everybody can find somebody less fortunate to help. Sharing your love just makes your love grow bigger.



Whether you celebrate Halloween or harvest festival, it’s a time of year for games, treats and costumes. Explore your alter ego. Bob for apples. Play games at a harvest festival. Get lost in a corn maze.


Celebrate fall colors with rubies.



Letting Go.

As the leaves fall from the trees, maybe you can let go of a few things, too. Do you have too much stuff in your house? Donate useful goods to your favorite charity. Do you have negative patterns in your life that no longer serve you? Animosity or resentments towards people? Let that fall away, too, so you can lighten your heart and let more love and happiness in.




Invest in Jewelry – Invest in Yourself

Jewelry purchases can be scary and intimidating. Unfortunately this is a scary yet true fact. Shopping mall jewelry store sales people can be compared to used car salesman, eager to make their next sale. Before you read any further, we want you to know that at Amidon Jewelers, this is NOT the case. We hope every shopping experience with us is a pleasant one.

We are aware that your options are nearly endless every time you would like to make a jewelry purchase. Racks in the mall, superstore and jewelry store are overflowing with inexpensive earrings, bracelets and necklaces that call out to you as you walk by. As respectful jewelry merchants, we believe it’s our responsibility to educate you of the benefits of buying a high-quality jewelry. Your skin will thank you from being saved from low quality metals, and in the long run, your bank account will thank you as well.

Think about it: How many pairs of superstore earrings have you had to throw out because the fake gemstones fell out of their settings? More than a handful, we’re sure. When you buy a pair of earrings or piece of jewelry from a reputable establishment such as Amidon Jewelers, you also buy peace of mind. To start, we have the Amidon Jewelry Assurance Plan! Let’s say you need to have your ring sized. Or you need to have the prongs tightened around the stones on your favorite earrings. When you purchase our Extended Service Plan, we will make any covered repairs needed, up to the amount of the purchase price, at no additional charge (Please see site for details).

Next, here’s a thought that may not have come to mind before… When you purchase jewelry from a reputable jewelry store, you’re investing in your future. History shows that the price of diamonds and gold has increased not decreased, over time. And if you’ve watched cable television lately, you have probably seen numerous commercials discussing jewelry buy-back promotions.

We sincerely hope you will never face a hardship where you have to consider selling your jewelry, however by buying a piece of quality jewelry, you’re investing the futures of both you and your descendants. Your retirement account, savings account and CD’s can be complemented by your new liquid, investments – your jewelry.

The staff at Amidon Jewelers is always happy you make educated jewelry purchasing decisions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about how to invest in the best jewelry pieces for enjoyment now and in the future.

2013 Prom Trends

Ladies and gentleman, THAT time of the year is upon us. The birds are chirping, the trees are beginning to show green, and slowly the flowers in our gardens are beginning to bloom. What season are we in? If you’re a high school girl or boy, you’ll likely think, ‘Prom Season!’

Saturday afternoons in the floral department at the local grocery or florist shop will become increasingly busy as teenagers dressed in gowns or tuxedos arrive to pick up their date’s corsage or boutonniere. Important accessories to help complete the prom attire package, the flowers on these pieces are often dyed to match the color of the girl’s dress. But how about the rest of HER accessories?

Mom and dad, this is where you come in. Sure, you’ve probably already helped cover the cost of her dress, hair, nails and shoes, but how about accessorizing your daughter with a piece of your own to help her make it a night she will remember?

The Prom Trends of 2013

High Necklines

As a parent, we’re sure you won’t be unhappy to see that necklines worked their way up on the body this year. Eliminating the need for a pendant or necklace of any kind, a dress of this style will be complemented perfectly by a stylish pair of earrings and/or bracelet. Amidon Jewelers has precisely the pieces you’re looking for.

Reminiscent of an infinity symbol, while wearing this Silver Diamond Bangle your little girl will never fail to remember that her mom and dad will always be there for her. Three diamonds accent the top of the bangle, each one representing one of you.

Turquoise has been an extremely popular color in recent years, and this year is no exception. Dads, remind your little girl that even though she’s almost out of high school she’s still “Daddy’s Little Girl” with a pair of Silver Diamond Earrings. These fancy diamonds will coordinate perfectly with her turquoise dress, and the hearts will remind her just how much she means to you.

Short Skirts and Asymmetrical Necklines

Complicating the accessorizing process a little further is this year’s trend of asymmetrical necklines. A fantastic pendant can really make this neckline POP, and the shape encourages the wearer to embellish herself with a great pair of earrings.


Playing off the criss-crossing lines which make up the asymmetrical neckline of her dress, we found this Imaya Silver Diamond Pendant. Diagonal silver stripes are intricately accented by diamonds on the middle stripe, and the see-through effect is exquisite.


Diagonal, silver criss-crossing lines once again make a bold impact in these Silver Diamond earrings. A masterpiece crafted of Sterling Silver, the front is studded with lines of diamonds weighing in at a total weight of a half-carat of. Whether she wears her hair up or down, you can guarantee all eyes will be on her glistening earlobes when she wears these beauties.

Let There Be Diamonds!

While many women wait until they meet the man of their dreams and he proposes to wear their first diamond(s), women born in April may have had it different from birth. Fortunate enough to have been born in the month assigned diamonds as their birthstone, April ladies have been able to ask for diamonds at every gift-giving occasion or holiday, simply by asking for a birthstone ring or necklace.

Now that we’ve entered April again, all you April ladies can fill your birthday wish lists with diamond studded earrings, bracelets, etc. But if you’re not an April lady… Don’t let that stop you from going diamond shopping yourself! Take your jewelry purchases into your own hands, and deck yourself out in diamonds like the April ladies do!

Diamond Rings

Diamonds are no longer limited ring-wise to the left-handed engagement ring! Every day new right-handed fashion rings are being introduced to the market, calling out to women everywhere to put a ring on it! Show stoppers like this half carat diamond ring set in white gold will have people noticing your right hand all day and night!




For a simple, yet no less sophisticated diamond ring option, this elegant diamond ring set on a gold heart band will have you feeling like a medieval princess. With a fifth of a carat of diamonds wrapping their way around your finger, the heart flourishes will keep your heart warm and cozy.



Diamond Earrings

Don’t forget! Diamonds aren’t only limited to the white variety! Diamonds are available in a wide array of colors, including blue, red, green, black and purple! These blue and white diamond earrings will bring whispers of envy to your ears from their admirers. Set in white gold, nearly a half carat of diamonds will shine brilliantly from your earlobes.



If colored diamonds aren’t quite the look you are looking for, Amidon Jewelers has an extensive collection of white diamond earrings for you to shop from. The Infinity white gold and diamond earrings are, in our opinion, infinitely gorgeous.



If you loved the Infinity diamond and gold earrings mentioned above, how about picking up another piece in the Infinite collection, the Infinite Diamond Pendant? Two 14K gold strands, one studded with diamonds, wrap around each other to create this stunning piece.


With a half carat total weight in diamonds, you will have your admirers crying tears of jealousy when you wear your new teardrop diamond pendant. Fancy enough for dress-up occasions and simple enough for casual, you will never cry over accessorizing dilemmas again when you add any of these fabulous pieces to your jewelry collection!